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Re: New here and lost my conure

Quote: Originally Posted by LaManuka View Post
You're more than welcome Lisa. I've had birds all my life and have loved them all but was not prepared for how quickly baby Baci would become the love of my life and had no idea how utterly devastating it would be to lose him. I was so lucky to find this community who opened their hearts to help get me, a complete stranger to them, through what was a very dark time. I'm so glad we have been able to provide some measure of comfort for you, a fellow traveller.

Baci's life was short but his legacy lives through my efforts to pay back this community for it's kindness, and it's already apparent that you are honouring Alex in the same way. I'm so looking forward to the day that you bring your new baby home - it'll probably make me cry all over again but they will be happy tears this time! Any little birdie who gets to come home with you will be the luckiest birdie in the world
Thank you, Martina! You said it very well, I feel the same way - I am complete stranger to this community and you've been helping me so much through this dark time.
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