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Re: Conure help!

One of the big pluses is using those burds to reach each other. When tiu have a bird do a positive thing and the others see he gets a treat fir it. They are very motivated to copy cat.

A little more on shaping behavior. It starts very small. And you layer and build on it. To work towards taking a treat from the hands, which is very impostor building trust.. First have a dedicated tiny treat dish. And the first step is to use same phrase, like hi birdie, walk up to cage out treat in dish and walk away. Go far enough away that they will go to fish to check out and take, 5-10 feet. When they take treat say good birdie ( use a same phrase that you will always use), wait 10-20 min and repeat exactly. Do this as many times a day as you can. When yiu get to tge point that they go to the dish quickly after yiu walk away consistently. Then you are ready fir the next step. In this step you walk up to csge say your phrase hi birdies, then you wait for them to look at you or take one step towards treat dish, then you out treat in like before walk away , and phrase good birdie when they take. When this is consistently done. You are going to shape them to come closer before you put treat in dish. You keep making them come closer before you put treat in dish.. until they will wait at dish for treat. Then you will start offering by hand. This can move quickly or may take days.

To help layer sbd associate the praise. Say good birdie when you seem them eating their food, good birdie when they take a bath. Good birdie when they come out of the cage. Yiu can also have a treat only dish fir out if tge cage on top of the cage. Usually on the far side from where they hang out. You are shaping them to move towards you fir a reward. It may seem simple but it us a powerful tool for their minds
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