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Thumbs up Bella update

I haven't done a Bella update for a while so here goes.

The bad first.

From almost fully feathered Bella plucked most of her chest feathers off again. disappointing but not too surprizing. The thing I am surprised about is she has started barbering her newly growing in tail feathers.
Bella molted several of her tail feathers and if I look at the bottom side of her tail feathers I can see shorter red feathers growing in that already have the tips trimmed off.

I have been trying to keep Bella out of her cage for as much time as possible. usually 10:00 am to 3:30 pm . She takes a shower (red butt) with me most days (she is keeping me clean in my retirement). She perches on the door of the cupboard to stand guard over her nest area (she does not spend time in the cupboard unless the doors are fully open so it's not dark in there).
Her latest new words .
Lorito = Spanish for parrot (Bingo says this)
All Good.

Bella likes to ask for a shower by saying "Red butt shower?"
But there is a window of time I have to wait for in order to take a shower so when it's too early I tell her "no, not yet".
The other day we went through this routine .
Bella "Red butt shower?"
Me "no, not yet"
Bella " OK"

cheers and a happy new year to everyone from my Fid's and family to all the PF members.
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