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Re: Conure help!

Thanks for the advice. But if we really wanted to have more than 1 bird it would have happened a long time ago. In April it will be 3 years since weíve had him, we wouldnít have waited so long to get another. We tried literally everything but he wouldnít warm to us, and we felt like he was always bored. Thereís plenty of toys and perches in his cage but he stuck to one corner. Since we have the new birds he will move around a lot and isnít so scared of the toys. He still avoids them but will see the other birds play and gives it a go. He will also now sit on the rope perches which he avoided before.
My aim was to have 1 tame and friendly family bird, not multiple. I have asked if the breeder will take them back but that was a laughable no. So Iím going to stick to it. I donít regret getting the new birds at all, so Iím not going to try and get rid of them.

All 3 of them get on really well, and if anything the old bird is always really lovely and caring towards them even though the new birds used to bite his feet when they were newly introduced.

If all else fails at least I know that they are happy and will be able to roam around the house freely if and when they wanted and go back happily in their cage, even if they donít interact with us. 😞

Quote: Originally Posted by wrench13 View Post
Don't take this badly, please. The only reason to get 1 or more additional parrots, is because YOU want another parrot, not because you think your original one needs a 'friend'. We see this happening time and time again on the board here. The OB ( original bird) develops or has some interpersonal reactions that have not been worked out with the family, and the acquisition of another parrot is done to try to ameliorate the issue. This goes one of 3 ways.

1 New parrot and the OB hate each other, now cutting 1 on 1 time with people in half, with no better result in the original issue.

2 New parrot and the OB dont care for each other, but kind of change the dynamic with the family for the better. But still the 1 on 1 time is cut in half.

3 This is what you have - the new and OB love each other, to the exclusion of everyone else. I can only tell you what I have read on here and other places, since we are a 1 bird family. Me, personally, and this might sound harsh or cruel, I would bring the new bird back to the shop or breeder, before the new relationship becomes so ingrained in their minds that separation will be traumatic. Can it be resolved, like Laruasea says above? Yeah, maybe, if your willing to work, be diligent and patient. She is definitely a multi parrot house hold, with much experience in this, so her advice is certainly a path to pursue if you are determined. Lots of experienced members on here have several parrots and hopefully will chime in with more advice.

Good luck, and stick with us to let us know how things are progressing!
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