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Re: I lost my lovebird, missed window for necropsy, help me narrow this down!

I am so sorry- and I also apologize for having not read this whole thread before replying. I am so sorry you are going through this and I hope you find answers. i am just throwing out possibilities, and there are more out there than what I have listed, so please understand that I am speaking generally...

here are the things that come to mind when thinking about bird deaths:

1. teflon/ptfe/pfoa/pfcs when heated or used for cooking (EVEN in different rooms and on separate floors)-- space heaters,drip trays, some foil, waffle irons, griddles, air fryers, popcorn poppers, pans, cookie sheets, hair dryers, straighteners, irons, ironing boards, toasters etc.

2. Disease-- birds can spread disease without showing any symptoms and without even testing positive at times-- some birds can be chronic carriers of deadly disease without every becoming sick themselves (this matters because certain diseases can survive in air ducts and carpets etc for over a year, and so you must be very careful if you ever get another bird, since you are not sure what happened). They can also get bacterial infections that they will hide as long as they can. The same is true of things like fatty-liver from a bad diet etc.

3. Aerosols and any chemical cleaners etc....fumes (anything scented unless bird safe)...scented things, like air freshener, candles, oil warmers, diffusers, essential oils, perfumes, cleaners, burning food, vaping, smoke and even baking foods with high fats at high temperatures...etc.

4. Blockages--- from cotton fibers, fabrics, nut shells etc.. Also, for females, egg-binding (where an egg cannot come out properly- they will lay sometimes even if there is no male around, but also if there is one-- and the eggs can get stuck or break inside)

5. Metal poisoning- from licking metal things, like money, jewelry, chicken wire or a cage that is unsafe or rusting-- from contact with non-stainless or non-aluminum metals or from non-safe powder coating, or a cage whose powder coating is wearing off in some instances.

6. Extreme fear or temperature shifts that cause shock. A very very frightened bird can have a heart-attack. A bird that is exposed to extreme temp changes too quickly and for too long, or to lots of drafts can also become ill.

7. Injury-- like a head injury from flying into an object etc.

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