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Exclamation Worried about my Green Cheeked. Please help!

A few days ago, I noticed a small grey patch on my Green Cheeked Conure’s chest. Over the next couple days, the patch grew bigger, and as of this morning, his entire chest has very thin grey feathers.

Papi’s enclosure is located next to my desk, which is where I spent a lot of my time. I let him out on my desk and on my shoulder as I do my own thing. Sometimes when I’m not on my computer, I bring him out to the living room with my family to play with my little brother and watch TV with. His diet consists of a regular seed mix with a dried fruit mix in, and when I’m in the living room I give him small chopped up pieces of fruit.

It really hurts to see him like this. Nothing about his behaviour has changed. He’s a very calm bird yet he still loves to play. He still eats the same amount. I’m not sure if this is a boredom thing or if this is something medical.

Any advice and information is appreciated. Thanks!

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