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Hi, My name is Shimona and I have one gorgeous galah named William (don't know how old, thinking from 8 to 15)

I got William and another galah named Julia about 2 years ago now from an old friend, who unfortunately got sick and couldn't look after them anymore.

They are the first large bird species I've ever owned, before them it was always buggies and canaries. I've done a lot of research on looking after them and I have a background in volunteering at an Australian wildlife park for a few years. So I'm not completely clueless but definitely still new and open to any and all advice and tips I can get.

Julia came to me with a broken wing, which I got checked out by a vet. She had to have surgery to have the wing amputated (it was that bad and an old injury) unfortunately she died during the procedure through blood loss. That was about a year ago.

Cut to today, I feel like William is really feeling the loneliness. I try to be good company for him as much as possible but I think he might enjoy the company of other birds to my own. He has a big aviary in the backyard that he lives in and we have a couple wild galahs and a cockatoo that visit him every couple of days. When those birds aren't around he doesn't do much.

Neither he or Julia had been hand raised. I can't pat or touch William without being bitten.

I know he's bored and lonely so I want to get him a companion. I think that might make him feel better.

So these are my questions.

Should I get another Galah? or would another species be ok too? (I'm having trouble finding any Galah's up for adoption)

If I do, are there any tips on how to introduce them to each other?

Can I get another male or is a female better?

Does the age of the bird matter?

How do I get William to trust me more and not bite me?

Any and all advice is appreciated. I love William with all my heart and I want to do right by him and make him as happy as possible.
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