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Re: Worried about my Green Cheeked. Please help!

Hi anneka.ov, welcome to the Forums, but I'm sorry it is under these worrying circumstances.

It sounds like Papi is much loved and pretty well cared for. Have there been any changes to his routine or environment in the recent past? How old is he, and when was the last time he was checked out by a certified avian vet? Plucking feathers can have causes that are physical, psychological or medical in their origin, and an examination by a certified avian vet can be invaluable in helping to determine the source of the issue. The link below will help you to locate an avian vet close to you if you don't already know of one...

One of our beloved former moderators began a thread with exquisite description of the issues and resources to help mitigate or end plucking:

Plucking: A Search For Answers

No doubt some other members will weigh in soon with some more info for you. In the meantime I do think it is definitely worth your while having Papi checked out by your vet because if you can nip this issue in the bud fairly early it will be in his best interests.

Sending healing wishes for Papi and feathered hugs for you, I hope you are able to find some answers soon.

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