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Re: Did anybody ever used Recordable Buzzer Buttons with parrots?

Quote: Originally Posted by wrench13 View Post
Watched the video on Stella. Pretty cool stuff, more along of Dr Pepperburg and Alex the Grey lines rather than just talking! High ideals to aim for , for sure.

Sorry, I should have been more clear in my original question:

I don't mean to use the recordable buzzer for parrots to learn to speak, but rather for them to (more easily) be able to press buttons to express their needs. And indeed, Irene's work is an inspiration!

There are many examples of communication from parrots (e.g. in my case, they do say "Otra" ("another") when they want a seed, and I guess pretty well that they want to take a bath when they go noisily to the water recipient, etc.) but learning to "talk" via buttons might extend (and formalize) the range of communication, especially for parrots with more limited vocabulary than Alex. The use of "speaking buzzers" could even help some parrots in learning to talk, separating the cognition from the vocalization (and motivating them to learn to vocalize for when they are far from the speaking buzzer).

But the buzzers used by Stella are probably too large for small and medium birds. Given that touch screens used in tablets and phones reacts to the beak of a parrot (I tested it!), I wonder if one could make an app to adapt animals way smaller than dogs to replicate Stella's mode of communication?
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