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Re: Neptune is lost

My fully flighted ring neck flew out of the door 2 days before xmas. I searched all day and all night and couldn't hear or see him. I was devastated and was finally about to give up after a few days then I though to myself....what does he love?

He loves my conures contact calls. I recorded my conures and used my Bluetooth speaker and hung it on the handlebar of my bicycle and rode around playing their contact calls on repeat. Sure enough, he called back and I found him.

He was up in a oak tree that I couldn't reach. Then I remembered he loves to sit on my phone and check the corners of my case while I play the Andy Griffith theme song. I showed him my phone and played the song on loud and he flew down and landed on my shoulder...I took my baby home with tears of joy.

I just wanted to put this here that sometimes, you have to think outside the box and imagine what you bird might respond to. If I didn't do what I did, I would have never gotten him back.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost their little ones. It is heart breaking.
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