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Re: Lorikeet First Molt

Hi BirdDisaster, welcome to the Forums to you and your lorikeet! What is his name by the way?

You can expect crankiness from your bird during moulting. If he's not interested in playing just let him be, it's normal. He may quickly switch from being interested in playing to giving you a swift bite if one of those sensitive new pin feathers is disturbed, so do be mindful of that. You can also help by gently removing the sheaths of new feathers in places your bird cannot reach, like the back of his head and neck but again, make sure this is done on his terms. Most lorikeets LOVE a bath and this will also help loosen those sheaths on new feathers and make them easier to remove. If you are misting with a spray bottle, just make sure the spray is not directed into his face, rather aim above the bird so the mist falls like a gentle shower of rain.

Once again, welcome aboard, and we are looking forward to seeing some pics of your baby!

How to Post Pictures

(This is a very subtle hint )

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