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Re: Lorikeet First Molt

Hey, thanks for the advice! The little baby has been named Truck/Truckie by my younger sister. He has been rather unpredictable behavior lately, I don’t seem to know what he wants, he wants out of his cage, but gets angry and bites the chair and headphones in anger(?) I can’t tell whether he is enjoying playing with them or just very angry with them as he was very angry squawks while biting his toys and other objects. I place a blanket over his cage to partially cover it and put him in dim light, he calmed down a bit, is this okay to do?

He has gotten his bath! Not quite interested, but I decided to get him clean anyways, he doesn’t seem to mind the water that much. Hopefully he’ll feel better soon, as he nips and claw grip are getting a little painful, and he can’t seem to decide on what he wants at the moment, but I suppose the molting is annoying him, he doesn’t want to be touched at all.

Pic will definitely be shared soon! It’s night right now, so Im leaving the baby to get as much sleep as possible.

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