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Re: Lorikeet First Molt

You shouldn't cover them at all until bedtime--as in, at lights out, as you leave the room- unless your bird is in transit and super scared of travel (which is optional), in shock after an injury, or very sick (in some cases).

They are super sensitive to light and light cycles regulate their hormones, mood and immune health.
Covering during the day startles them and messes up their light cycles, so it works for a short time, but if it's done enough it can make the behavior worse and be harmful to their hormones/health/mood etc

If he isn't biting you, it's probably not anger, but could be defending himself if he sees those objects as a threat-- parrots DO like to show off and bite objects though. Careful with what he bites though (for health reasons).

My bird goes crazy over hats, sunglasses and socks! Gets super showy and then takes them and does this weird routine of slamming them around.

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