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Re: Did anybody ever used Recordable Buzzer Buttons with parrots?

It's really cool. I loved Alex and Me.

I wonder if it encourages speech or discourages it (sort of like baby sign language- which discourages speech in some, but seems to develop language skills in others). The buttons are definitely is a form of communication (via association), but if they have the buttons, then I feel like they would just use those instead of talking...then again, they are like 4-year-olds in some respects, and they definitely have strong opinions/a lot to say... It will be interesting to see if they begin to produce the phrases themselves in the absence of the buttons..That's a tricky connection, but I'm sure that with the proper training/motivation, they could make it the transition.

If your bird does buttons that well, you could probably teach him/her to say certain phrases when he/she is touching certain objects if you associated a reward with the bird simultaneously touching and saying the phrase that he/she already knew...For instance, I know that mine will say hello and hi when I say, say hello (with a treat in my hand). You could target your bird to touch a unique looking shape or something and then prompt him/her to say an easy phrase (that is already known)..Only giving your bird the treat when they say the phrase AND stand on or by the shape. You could try to combine the routines until the bird starts going to that unique shape automatically and saying the phrase because it knows that the spot corresponds to the phrase and subsequent rewards.

Another thing that you could do, is just set up a line of shapes (each with predetermined responses from you--e.g, red one= human making a crazy laugh, green one= human handing a treat etc etc. If they happen to touch one, immediately label the behavior right before you do it-- e.g, "laugh: hahahha", "banana" (hands banana to bird) etc etc. My bird has learned a lot that way--- not with spots or shapes so much as associations between certain objects and speech+reward...Whenever the phone rings, she says, "hello?" *REPEATEDLY LOL---- BUT interestingly enough, she did generalize this from a landline, to 2 cell phones with totally separate rings-- still answers each time ha!

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