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Re: Hardwood floor strainer!

I'd be losing it if anyone in my family hired people to come in and do this while I had birds...I hope they will be okay.
If a family member made this decision, you need to have a VERY SERIOUS talk....Birds die or get long-term damage etc from stuff we can't smell. Then again, some survive stuff that should kill them and last for years, but this is deadly stuff you are talking about...If you made the call- you shouldn't have done so without researching and considering what they would use.
In addition to the fumes, strong drafts are also dangerous.. ideally, your birds would not be in the home during or for many days after (and only after you researched the VOCs in the stain). I'm not trying to scare you, but this is playing with fire. You cannot always see the damage right away, so please, figure out who is in charge and get them on the birds' side.

You needed to know the stain and VOC count etc before this started.

If you are the adult in your home and woke up to people in your living room...that is creepy...if you are not, you need to get your parents to understand...otherwise, you risk a lot.

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