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Re: The Rickeybird Scrapbook, 1984 - Updates

Quote: Originally Posted by GaleriaGila View Post
My loves, my loves, my loves! How do I ever do without you? I don't! You are always held and cherished right here.

Does the Rickeybird share my sentiments? Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!
At one point, I was away from him for many days (the most ever in our 30+ years together). I was of course beyond desolation in my certainty that he was grieving himself into a shivering little feathery skeleton. My ol' man assured me that the bird was eating, playing, preening, screaming and carrying on amazingly as usual. Oh, I didn't believe it, no way! Well, when I returned home, my first stop was of course the cage. Without hesitation or variation, the Rickeybird perked right up, showing off his usual healthy featheration, bright eyes and rosy pink feet, and hopped to his regular perch whereupon he always awaits his first green chile of the day, and barked "HELLO!", signalling his usual impatience with the room service. It was as if he were saying "Oh, yeah, hi, where's my pepper?" Since then? Business as usual.
Life is good.

That's my boy.


Back to 2021!

Welcome back dearest Gail! My, some Roosters are petulant and food-obsessed beyond belief. The loyalty!!
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