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how much does a parrot breeder make in general

hi, i hope im not being rude because i know some people prefer to keep financial matters to themselves. so i always see pictures of parrot breeders with all the babies, i hear stories about the birds, and read about it and they seem to be so happy. when i think of me surrounded by birds it makes me happy. i understand the hardships, experience, expense, and how its not all fun and games. i also understand how it depends what you breed, the quality and health of the birds, how much you sell, and other factors play into this. dispite this, it sounds very rewarding and enjoyable when things go well. so i was wondering what a parrot breeder that breeds bourkes, linnies, budgies, macaws, cape parrots and lovebirds would make. sorry its so long, any insight is appreciated. im going to be a sophomore in HS when the summers over so i have some time to think about it.
my cat died at 3 years old due to invasive kideny cancer. he was highly anemic and his kidneys and blood work were off the charts, the vet said it was the worst he's ever seen. we had to put him down that day. up untill then, he showed no sings of illness that we could recognize, however he was a ticking time bomb and only the vet could see it. we thought he was just muscular, but it was just his bulging kideneys. animals hide illness! he only showed signs the day before he died, before this, he seemed completely normal, healthy, and his usual self. his name was maxie and he was my best friend, because we thought he was healthy we didnt take him for check-ups but had we cought it earlier he might have had a chance. we learned from this, we should have paid attention, take ALL your pets for check-ups so they can be helped early on before its too late.
R.I.P maxie (2007-2010)
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