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Thing called life!!

Ok I am going to tell you guys a little story that I have been meaning to post up, but havnt because I couldnt find the wire to my camra LOL

Ok so back when spring first hit, my mom went up to change her wreaths decoration ... yes she does it for every holiday/season... so she put up all her spring ornaments, the next day my mom say that some little bird was building a nest YAY... she wanted to knock it down but it was too last, she had layed her eggs... and they were blue and that could only mean one thing... it was a robins nest! Sure enough it was

so about last week my mom say that the babies had been hatched so I came running out to look. There were 4 little babies heads sticking out. Then I thought "OOO, camra!!!" I took a step foward to go back in the house to get my camra and as I did so one of the little babies jumped up and took off.... it was his first flight... and was a wonder to see i tell ya... momma bird went right over to see how his not so good of a landing turned out... then tried to feed him a worm, then comes daddy bird and both of them looked after the now hopping around little bird

they have all left the nest by now but I thought I would post the pictures I did get of them...

this is the little guy who took his first flight

aka- "Pooh-bird"
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