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Re: Thing called life!!

Oh and Peta they do answer..apparently there is this whole thing going on between shlugs and shnails...cosh shnails ish real shnobby cosh them ish having shells....they think they are better than the slugs but.. the slugs see themselves as free spirits not needing the trappings of a home and material things.
The snails think they are more evolved, more cosmopoliton. The slugs have signed an alliance with the thrushes and the snail population is getting desimated in my area.
Personally I find there are good slugs and bad one s same with the snails. I take em as I find em..even envy them ....imagine having both male and female reproductive organs how cool.. Red would never have time to come on line.. he could breed with himself and create a master race.... We would have to take an oath of sarcasm and wit promising to torment Debbie for an eternity...
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