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Re: Shady Pines Aviary?

I was on a 'waiting-list' at a local avian rescue, waiting for a Caique in need of a new home to show up. After 2 years of waiting, I gave up and decided purchase one from a breeder. Several of my friends suggested Shady Pines; according to them they're the top Caique breeder in the US. Unfortunately, for you, I can't tell say whether it's true or not as the day I was going to contact Shady Pines the rescued gave me a call saying a Caique was surrendered just the day before...

Anyways, here are a couple tips on finding a reputable breeder.

1. A reputable breeders should ALWAYS be more than happy to explain to you about their birds, environment, breeding condition and caring advice/tips.
2. Breeder does not sell birds to wholesalers, brokers, dealers or retail shops. (I strictly do not support any breeders or who sell animals at pet shops... Unfortunately, to some, this may not be a concern to you.)
3. If interested, the breeder welcomes you to tour where the birds are kept.
4. The cages and birds are clean and well kept.
5. The birds for sale don't get placed into homes until they're at least 12-16 weeks of age (average weaning age of Caiques).
6. **** and hen of the clutch are at least 3 years old.
7. All birds at the breeders are vet checked and disease-free.
8. Babies for sale have been socialized with people (whether they hand-fed or parent-fed).

9. Breeder reviews some of the pros and cons of the species.
10. Breeder asks what are you plans with the bird (breeding, pet, etc.)
11. Breeder is available as a resource for advice and support for the life of the bird.

12. Breeder's primary concern is finding a good home for the bird, rather than getting paid.

12. Breeder asks you lots of questions about your lifestyle, family, experience with birds, other pets and why you are particularly looking at purchasing a Caique.
13. Breeder was happy to answer all your questions and made you feel comfortable.
14. Breeder feeds appropriate diet to their birds (fresh fruits, veggies and pellets).

Hope this helps!
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