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Re: Allergic?

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You know...I am allergic to dogs, cats, birds...I had an allergy test as a teenager and don't remember a single day I've ever woken up without my eyes nearly swollen shut, sneezing my head off and allergy headaches.

Two years ago this March my 14 year old Shih-Tzu died. I was horribly allergic to her. Especially when she'd sneak into my bed at night and sleep RIGHT on my pillow. But...I'd never get rid of a pet just because of an allergy. I mean if it was life or a peanut allergy or something...then I get that.

I'd definitely try some OTC allergy meds (I can't take because I have a lung hopefully you will benefit) or try the above mentioned air purifier. I never had luck with air purifiers to be honest...but it's always worth a try before deciding to get rid of your baby.

Best of luck to you!
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