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Re: Allergic?

I'd do a thorough house cleaning too, just to rule out dust mites and anything else that may be lurking in your house!

I'm allergic to cats, and I love cats. And, I have a cat, and have had so for 13 years... I got him for Christmas when I was 5. He is bred to produce less of the allergen compound in his saliva, but even then I still react to the minute amount he does have (Tests show he has nowhere near what a normal cat would have, but it still causes more then enough of a reaction to be a health concern, even if I can tolerate him better then most other cats).

BUT, if I set up air filters and give the house a thorough clean, remove anything else causing allergies (dust etc) along with any hair or saliva he may have deposited, my allergies are manageable even without medication, and I'm a bad case! My poor old cat had to stay with my parents when I went to uni, and honestly I have more issues with the house here simply because of the dust then I ever did in that house with him.

What I'm trying to say is even if you do have some allergy to your bird, chances are it can be managed if you give your house a good scrubbing (even the cleanest place can be a haven for allergens!), vacuum the hell out of the carpets, even apply something to kill mites if possible (not near your birds!) do the drapes too! Clean out the closet, wash all clothes and linen not used regularly, etc. (edit, clean the gaps in the windows where outside allergens like pollen gather too! Get everywhere! ) Anywhere that could be a trap for allergens, mites, etc, go rambo on it. By doing this you will reduce the allergen load in your house, so even if you do have an allergic reaction to the bird, your not also having an allergic reaction to everything else making it so much worse And, like the others have said, air filters are amazing for this problem! Even for people without allergies!

Good luck! Empty that house out top to bottom and clean everything, and I bet you'll be feeling much better in no time!

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