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Adoptions/Re-Homing Have a Parrot or bird that needs a new home? Kindly post them here.

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Old 01-22-2019, 06:41 PM
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Re-Home Rose Breasted Cockatoo

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My mom moved from Florida with her cockatoo "Mingo" after the last big hurricane. She planned on living in Florida for the rest of her life, but after 17 years, the hurricanes got to her. She still goes to Florida months at a time, and knows it's not fair to Mingo.

He is 9 years old, male for sure, she had him sexed. He is at our house and has to remain in his cage because of our dogs. He can be handled a bit, once you get him out of his cage with a stick, but if you put your hand in his cage he will bite. Once out of his cage, he rarely bites when he is on your hand. You can not pet him though, he will bite.

Mom also went on a two week cruise, had a friend come by to feed him, when she got home, he plucked the feathers on his chest, and they did not grow back.

He doesn't make much noise at all, most of the time you don't know he's there. He will whistle as you walk out the door.

He can talk, but not too often, he can say "what ya doing" or "see ya later"

Our household just isn't right, and mom will be gone too much. We have a really nice big cage for him.

We would like him to go to a home without dogs or cats, so he could come out of his cage. I've put our dogs up and he enjoys being out of the cage.

We also need to figure out a fair re-homing fee.

We live in Troy Missouri, looking for some one local, please message me.

I will email pics on request
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Old 01-22-2019, 06:53 PM
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Re: Re-Home Rose Breasted Cockatoo

This is very sad. I hope this bird finds a good/permanent home and I appreciate that you are trying to help. Please make sure whoever adopts him/her knows a lot about Cockatoos specifically if you can help it...They are very uniquely challenging and prone to re-homing. They can be so sweet, so this bird isn't a lost cause, but the last thing you want is for her to continue to bounce from home to home, as that will just increase existing levels of anxiety/trust issues/plucking/biting etc.

You might consider contacting the numerous avian vets in the St.Louis/St. Charles area to see if they have any thoughts on re homing suggestions. There is also at least 1 avian vet in KC (I want to say in Gladstone, but I may be wrong). There is also a shop in Springfield called "Just for Parrots" and the person who runs it might be able to put you in touch with someone---just make sure you emphasize that your goal is to find the bird a good and permanent home (not to sell the bird or have the bird re-sold)...

PLEASE, whatever you do, do not give this bird to the first random person who shows interest to a Craigslist add or something like that---1. Lots of people pretend to care and then turn around and sell the bird for personal gains (fingers crossed, that is not what is happening here)...

Either way, owning a Cockatoo is an extremely complex and time-consuming situation which requires numerous lifestyle changes and a ton of devotion. These birds are very emotional and as intelligent as 4 year old children. They are not impulse buys and they are not good pets for people without experience. Adopting my Cockatoo has been more involved than raising a child in many ways, so please keep the birds best interest at heart. I wish I could help more.

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Old 01-22-2019, 07:14 PM
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Re: Re-Home Rose Breasted Cockatoo

Noodles123, thank you, and you are so right. My mom got Mingo when he was very young, she asked us to watch him about 8 weeks ago. He is super easy to take care of, doesn't scream, and hasn't plucked any feathers, I think he only does that when he is left alone for long periods. He has tried to bite me when I had my finger through the bars of his cage, but not when he's just sitting on my finger. He has bit my wife, but I think she was moving to fast

He has a big bird toy that hangs on a chain that he cuddles up to at night, and will throw around the cage if he sees you eating something. he love little snacks, healthy stuff for birds of course.

I would love to see him go to a forever home, I will not list him on craigslist. He would be great for someone retired, or maybe a companion for another cockatoo (if that works)
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Old 01-22-2019, 09:27 PM
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Re: Re-Home Rose Breasted Cockatoo

I am so sorry for all of you! That little guy needs love!
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Old 01-23-2019, 08:06 PM
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Re: Re-Home Rose Breasted Cockatoo

I agree with everything Noodles posted, you don't want this poor guy bouncing from home to home, and you also need to find someone you can let him live outside of his cage most of the time, as an hour or two a day is not nearly enough for any species of Too...And NO, do not sell him to anyone "as a friend for their other Cockatoo", because that is not how that works, and will most-likely only end in him leaving that home very quickly, or worse, one of them or both will be injured or killed. They don't just "make friends" like that, so if someone tells you they "want a friend for our other bird", just say no...

I absolutely LOVE Galah's, if I didn't live in Pennsylvania and was closer to MO I would probably be over at your house meeting him tomorrow, lol...I have never seen one for re-homing near me EVER, and I've worked at an Avian Rescue for over 8 years. Not one Galah ...I always tell everyone at the Rescue that the first Galah that is surrendered I'm taking home, just hasn't happened yet...Good luck, I hope you are able to find him an experienced, loving home with the time it takes to really get him to come out of his shell and bond with someone closely...
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