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Old 07-20-2019, 06:02 AM
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Question Target training my 6 month old Alexandrine


I have started target training my baby Coco (unsure of sex), a parent raised Alex and I have a few questions regarding it. She is doing great at it, she follows the target around the cage as well as around the outside of the cage (not flying towards it yet). So for the last few weeks I have been training it to step up also with target just because she is bitey. The way I have been doing it is I show her the target a little further away and say ''step up'' she then does so and then I click and give her a treat. Does this sound right? I don't let her touch the target mainly, because I want her to follow it accompanied by the verbal cue.

Also from my previous thread I learnt not to give her treats every time she does a desired behaviour instead reinforce verbally also. In that case do I still use the clicker when she does a desired behaviour or do I just use verbal reinforcement?

Last question (regarding clicker only not the target stick), I have been trying to teach her to stay on my arm and not fly away or start leaning towards her cage and he way I have been doing it is so when she steps up I pull my hand slowly away from training perch and talk to her and after lets say 1 minute I use the clicker and give her a treat as a way of letting her know that my arm is fun place to sit on and that she wants to stay on it. Is this okay or should I change my tactic? I just need second opinions and ways to improve if there are any.

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alexandrin (08-07-2019)
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Old 07-20-2019, 12:05 PM
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Re: Target training my 6 month old Alexandrine

Sounds like you're making great progress. Take your time at it, make sure you're moving at her pace but don't be afraid to challenge her just a little bit at a time.

For step up training, as long as you're clicking right as her second foot gets onto your finger/arm. Say step up right before, same intonation. You click every single time she does the behavior. However, then you start giving treats, every other one. Then every three. Slowly of course. I would start out doing something easy for her. Like two targets equals to one treat since you're still in the learning phase of step up. Once she starts doing it easily, then go ahead and start phasing out the treats.

You will still need to give her treats once in a while regardless. It all depends on the day. Remember progression is not linear but just because some days its harder for her, doesn't mean it's a set back. Move at her pace.
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Old 07-20-2019, 01:00 PM
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Re: Target training my 6 month old Alexandrine

No, no, no. You’re on the verge of creating a problem. Proceed with caution.

You’re confusing the tricks.

The use of the target stick is temporary, to teach the hem “being around a hand” isn’t so bad. During this time you need to use a stick,, the trick is “TARGET”, not “step up”. Reward for touching the stick.

Once coco jumps on hands readily to target, phase out the target and replace with a treat, and use luring for a short period of time. This is the transition from targeting beak -> stick to targeting foot -> finger. This is when “step up” replaces “target”

Yes, step up is a form of target training.

Once coco hops on readily to grab the treat lure, transition to showing the treat for a moment so coco knows she’s training, then hide it and ask for step up. If birth, step out of room for 20 seconds and try again. Only NICE step ups get rewarded.


Don’t mix up targeting and step up.

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Betrisher (07-20-2019)

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