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Old 08-10-2019, 03:45 AM
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Alexandrine went to the bottom an freezed

This morning I wanted my 3 month old Alex to be more in the sun light, I moved the cage from the wall and to fake up a wall, I placed on half of the cage Fabric coating, I left him fresh food and went out for 2 hours, upon return, I could see he was touching the food just a little, he was frozen at the bottom of the cage, I had right away scary thoughts in my mind "Oh he is sick???" then I said to myself, lets take the Fabric coating away, and in 10 seconds he relieved and went up to his perch, started to eat.

So he was at the bottom, frozen, due to fear, not illness - thats my conclusion, but I wanted share anyways the story for your feedback.

P.S. At night to create for him a complete darkness I cover the whole cage with Fabric coating, in that case it doesnt make him go down, as its simply "dark" for him, unlike what happened this morning where just part of his cage was covered and he couldn't understand what this huge object above his head is....

Thank you!
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Old 08-10-2019, 12:10 PM
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Re: Alexandrine went to the bottom an freezed

That must have been scary. I hope you’re right that your bird was fearful because of the unfamiliar cage cover rather than being ill. It sounds like the most logical explanation but when a bird goes to the bottom of the cage and sits motionless it’s almost always due to a health issue, birds are very good at masking illnesses until they can no longer hide symptoms. You know your bird better than anyone and I’m not saying you’re wrong but please keep a very close eye on your bird’s health and behavior for the next few days just to be safe.

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Old 08-11-2019, 06:44 AM
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alexandrin is on a distinguished road
Re: Alexandrine went to the bottom an freezed

Well, he is eating actively both dry and cooked (whole grain+vegies) food, even eat now as we speak.

He is 3 month old I bought him 3 weeks ago, in the store/breeder's place they feed him mostly seeds, as main diet, I mix it up with veggies and whole grains + vitamines, he loves the veggies and the whole grain boils I make him

He just did some very active flapping with his wings in the cage (like flying but not really) and he actively cleaning himself with his beak (going through his feathers and cleaning those), looks like he is doing the normal bird things

And besides this one thing with the cover, he didnt go down and freeze there again, the only times he is going down is when he is traveling through the cage, going up, down, up, to keep his body active

Now as for issues: Yes, he got some little issue, heavy breathing, when he is breathing, his wings/tail bobbing slightly, after consulting with an online vet, she instructed me put him on 2 weeks 25mg daily antibiotics, basically 25mg of antiobiotics in 240ml of water, after a few days of antibiotics, I can tell, he might didn't stop bobbing at all yet, but he feels more and more snappy and active, which is good to see I also give him now daily vitamins into his food, so health will be better and better as we go!

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Old 09-03-2019, 05:00 PM
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Re: Alexandrine went to the bottom an freezed

How is your Alex doing? Bobbing of the tail up and down is a serious indication for any bird of an illness!
I hope Alex is ok!

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