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Old 12-29-2019, 10:07 PM
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My Alexandrine Harley.

On boxing day I welcomed into my home Harley a male Alexandrine that had been hand raised and is 3 months old. He was very loving with the dear lady that bred him and I was excited to start this journey with him. However, although he will eat a treat gently and I do mean gently from my hand, if I try and touch him he will back away and in fact will even nip at me, ( he was fine with his breeder, allowing her to hold him stroke him and even kiss him, with Harley making "cooing" noises at her) I know that they have obviously bonded, and he thinks of her as his Mummy. He honestly behaves as if I am the devil incarnate As I am new to Alexandrines ( I have in the past had cockatiels, sun conures, and my beloved Quaker Percy who tragically passed away on Christmas Eve, so although no expert I am not a total novice. Any and all suggestions and help would be so greatly appreciated, I do not want to give up on Harley but it is becoming so difficult that I have had serious thoughts of returning him to the breeder Thank you all in advance.
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Betrisher (12-30-2019)
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Old 12-30-2019, 03:08 AM
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Re: My Alexandrine Harley.

Patience! Harley is just a baby and it will take him a few weeks (maybe even longer) to completely settle in at your place. Don't ask to much of him at present: just a few minutes on your hand being shamelessly spoiled will do for now. Once he's relaxed and happy just being with you, you can start giving him new experiences. The thing is, if you try to go too fast at this stage, you could frighten him or instil bad habits that will be difficult to break. Hasten slowly!

It has been my experience that Alexandrines don't always like to be touched on the body. Some of our members have Alexes that will permit scratches and stroking, but mine just won't. They'll nip me to remind me if I try! Yet, they're every bit as affectionate as any other bird, choosing to sit on me rather than do anything else. Give Harley a bit of time and keep feeding him little treats so he knows you're the source of all good things.

One thing you could begin at this early stage is target training (check out our training section or YouTube videos for methods). It's a good way to build communication with your bird and gives you both a chance to enjoy a positive experience. It also gives you a fairly fool-proof way of getting him back in his cage if you need to.

You'll find that Harley is a very intelligent little fellow and will quickly become bonded to you. Alexes are *great* companion birds, even the touch-me-not ones! Congratulations on choosing Harley - we hope to hear updates and, perhaps, see pics of him soon.
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Old 12-30-2019, 06:49 AM
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Re: My Alexandrine Harley.

Thank you for your helpful advice .. To be honest I think I am still well no I don't think I know I am still grieving the passing of my beloved Percy....I have slowly come to the realisation that there will never ever be another Percy even if I went down the Quaker road again, Percy was exceptional x Having said that it has also dawned on me, that Alexandrines and Quakers have totally different personalities, my Percy loved loved loved being with me close to me always by my side where Harley is loving and gentle but just does not have that urge to be held patted stroked....I will get there slowly but surely, as will Harley ...Your input is greatly appreciated , thank you
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