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oled 12-29-2012 11:39 AM

I Sweden is it Winter now. During this time of year och dont trim Villes wing and he is full flyging. Now I have a difficult choice to make when spring, trim or not trim. Not trim.. then he cant be outdoor and he really enjoy being out in the garden.

JerseyWendy 12-29-2012 11:54 AM

Re: Winter
Uh-ooh. I'm sure this will open a can of worms. ;) VERY testy subjects for TOO many folks. :54:

Oled, I have the same dilemma each and every year. My birds LOVE the outdoors, and neither will wear a harness. I do the exact same thing you do. I let their flights grow in as soon as it starts getting chilly outside, and once the weather is warm again I trim them so they can enjoy the garden with me. :)

I've been doing this with Hunter for the 13 years I've had her, and NEVER had any problems. :D

....I will duck I'm certain the "battle" will begin....:21:

oled 12-29-2012 03:01 PM

Re: Winter
If battle, then I will be out from the forum for 1 month lol

MonicaMc 12-29-2012 07:25 PM

Re: Winter
You should never rely on clipping to keep your parrot safe from taking off. If you don't have one, I would suggest buying a harness and training Ville to wear it while you go outside - or using a small cage with a large door to take him outside in.

henpecked 12-29-2012 07:26 PM

Re: Winter
hey oled, i guess it's one of those things that you do what works best for you. My zon is clipped and loves to go places and do things outside with me and the family. She even tolerates the chickens now, LOL.

oled 12-30-2012 07:21 AM

Re: Winter
yes henpecked its for the moment what work best right now. For sure later on I will trye to get Ville use a harness but with a harness Ville cant working around in a tree a he can now.

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