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SailBoat 10-23-2016 11:51 AM

I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!
I plan for this to be the first of many segments as part of this Thread regarding my joy of Amazons and what I have learned over the many years from my Amazons and the leaders in the Avian field that I have met and exchanged thoughts and ideas. It will never be about me, only the Amazons I have met and others that have shared their life with me. Enjoy my fellow Lover's of Amazons!

This first segment is rightfully Titled:

I Love Amazons!

Table Of Contents

1. I Love Amazons Page 1
2. Correct Food for an Amazon Page 2
3. Baggage - Rehomed Pray Page 2
4. Getting to the Foot of the Problem Page 3
5. Re-Fledging an Adult Parrot Page 4
6. Re-Starting a Shutdown Amazon Page 4
7. Help, My Amazon is Falling Apart Page 4 & 5
8. Amazon Sounds Page 5
9. Passing of a Feathered Friend Page 5
10. Dry Tongue - Wet Tongue Page 5
11. A Parrot's Droppings can be an Early Indication of Illness Page 5
12. Recovering Critical Flight Feathers Page 6
13. Special Needs Parrots, Limited Sight and a New Home Page 6
14. How much Chocolate will it take to Kill My Parrot Page 6
15. Developing Strong Bonds - Pin Feathers Page 6
16. Twelve Hours of Quiet Sleep & Darkness Page 6
17. Candles and Parrots Page 7
18. Getting your Amazon more Active Page 7
19. Rescuing Amazons is not for the Faint of Heart Page 8
20. Unrealistic Expectations Unsatisfactory Decisions Page 8
21. Will the Real Organic Parrot Food Please Standup Page 8
22. Cage Set-up 101 Page 8
23. Preventing Larva in Parrot Food Page 10
24. Stop Buying Very Young Parrots Page 10
25. Highly Contagious Avian Diseases Page 10
26. The Sound of Flight Page 10
27. New Things just Show-up Page 11

Veterinarian /Medical Care of Amazons Section
28. Signs of Illness in Parrots Page 11
29. Who is Responsible for Your Amazon's Vet Care Page 12
30. Developing a Well-Bird Historical Document Page 12
31. Preparing for Your Amazon's First Avian Veterinarian Visit Page 12
32. Yearly Blood Test Page 13
33. Quarterly Veterinarian Visits Page 13
34. Preparation for a Sick-Bird Veterinarian Visit Page 13
Emergency First Aid Kit Page 14

SailBoat 10-23-2016 11:54 AM

Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!
I Love Amazons!

Over the years, I have enjoyed the company of the full cross-section of large parrots, nearly all well loved by their owners. I am often asked; which is my favorite and without hesitation, I state that my favorite is that raucous group of parrots known as Amazons. The common second question is: WHY Amazons? They are so difficult!

Difficult? What is so difficult about Amazons! At this point, the questioner commonly tells any number of stories of the much-fabled Flaming Hot Three, The Hormonal Maniacs, The Screaming Monsters, The Flesh Devouring Vampires, The Territorial Hoarders, and The Cruel Divider of Families. Stories, Stories and more Stories of that fabled New World Green Killer!

Then I begin asking questions — commonly the bird or birds in question had been purchased on the quick and far more commonly, the cheap. The new owner was provided little or no information, let alone what constitutes a healthy meal or proper living quarters, then surprise, surprise the little green bundle turns into a Mass Murderer! It would be truly humorous, if not for the part where they dump the bird!

It must be a new fault in the Human personality or a recent failure in our rearing of Humans, which has resulted in the growing number of Humans that believe that life requires nothing more then simply wanting something for it to magically be that way. Possibly, it’s the affect of the wonders of modern technology - that fresh from the box - instance gratification of extremely complicated technology that by simply adding batteries, plugging it in, or connection to the net and ‘It Works’! Gratifying our momentary want, before we whisk onto our next want. Whatever happened to actually having to work for something? Reality Check: Living Things do not function that way. Surprise, you have to work at having a ‘Successful Relationship’ with Living Things!

Amazons Are Simple! All you have to do is pay attention and they will clearly tell you what is working and what is not. Amazon’s tell you like it is, no rouse, no guessing, no game playing, just to the point, the way it is! All we Humans have to do is to use only a small percentage of our enormous brains and simply be observant. How hard is that? You would think that we are asking a Human to cut-off their arms and legs!

That same Amazon, now having lived though the passing from one dead-end relationship after another, with stops between in those wonderful places called “House of Horrors” or more commonly referred to as Pet Stores, can by luck or divine intervention find its way into a true home. You know, one of those seemly rare places in which individuals value each other and contribute to their abilities. There, that Green Mass Murderer, by great transformation, becomes the love of that family’s life. How can this be? A Vampire to a Lover, what Storybook can this be from?

There is no storybook - it is simply why I love Amazons. Through all the past miss-treatment with a little bit of love, understanding and observation they are the “Come Back Kid’s” of the Avian World. It can even occur in the same home that had defined that Amazon as the New World Green Killer. Is this possible? And, in the same home? Yes, a simple change on the part of the Humans and its time for the Lover to come forth!

Anyone that has known me for even a short period of time, know that I have a Love for Amazons. I Love the Feather, Flesh, that Amazon Scent, that heartwarming Blood of the Living Amazon, which does not require batteries and is not simply de-activated by pulling the plug or pushing the OFF button. I Love In Your Face Amazons! A Warm Blooded, Living, Reality Check, Everyday!

Put that latest greatest electrical gratification toys away, engage a living creature. You may just find that there is far more to life than that momentary gratification techno toy. Without engaging that living creature, such a statement would never be possible.

Amazons are not toys! And Fools are justly rewarded for their self-centered stupidity. Let the Fools write their stores, with hope it will keep other Fools from thinking that their next toy should be an Amazon!

Amazons’ Have More Fun! And, the brighter, more open, Loving Humans quickly find that to be true! Individuals who are successfully Owned by an Amazon are the kind of People that I have always found to be a True Joy being around!

There is no question in my mind that: Amazon’s Rule!

wrench13 10-23-2016 12:14 PM

Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!
'Boats, I could not have said it better myself. As I sit here in a Target parking lot, waiting for the wife to damage my wallet a bit, Salty is sitting on my shoulder, looking around and loving being with his Daddy, getting scratches, and treats and asking nothing in the world more. And I in return ask nothing more of this world either. Except maybe Salty, dont chew on the fine Corinthian leather!

Kiwibird 10-23-2016 12:41 PM

Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!
Beautifully written! Amazons are very intelligent creatures and you get what you put in.

AmyMyBlueFront 10-23-2016 01:32 PM

Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!
I love my "little green girl",endlessly. Moreso than any "pet" I have ever had. She wants for nothing (except endless skritches maybe :rolleyes:)

It takes very little to please her, a ride in the car sometimes brings her to full blown Amazon excitement,all poofed up,head bobs,and chattering away in Amazon speak very excitedly.

And if I come home late in the evening,she rewards me with "hello?...hello???..." very softly,like she KNOWS its late at night and Dad just snuck in ;)

I wouldn't have it any other way.


GaleriaGila 10-23-2016 01:47 PM

Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!
Sailboat, more than once your writing has moved me close to tears.
You express the pure love for another being so beautifully and sometimes poignantly, as you did above.
It must an astonishing joy and privilege to live with an Amazon. I can apply some of those feelings to living with the you-know-who.
In any event, that was just wonderful to read.
I was whining to Wrench once, a while back, and he said something l know he won't mind my sharing. Something like... 'whatever the challenges, never forget that you have an amazing little wild miracle that sits on your finger and talks to you'.
He was so right. We ought never lose our wonder and our gratitude.

BeatriceC 10-23-2016 02:49 PM

Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!
I'm reading this with my little green "monster" chattering away on his play perch behind me. I'm not his human, so we're not quite friends yet, but we've come a long way. As much as I love Charlotte and Leo, Goofy will always be the bird who showed me how wonderful they can be (even with that attitude!), and will always have a special place in my heart.

wrench13 10-23-2016 04:30 PM

Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!
Can't wait for the next installment.

SirEdwin89 10-23-2016 06:20 PM

Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!
Amazonly well said!

Kentuckienne 10-23-2016 07:05 PM

Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!
Amazons go to 11.

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