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Old 09-23-2017, 06:29 PM
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Re: (Huge) Mealy Amazon male and biting

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Quote: Originally Posted by SailBoat View Post
Your Statement: "Our newest flock member Aatu the 20 year old Blue Fronted Amazon is doing great too, he is quite shy but he's getting braver every day. Now he leaves his cage and interacts with us and Åke + Elli (he didnt leave his cage for the first month, he came out but didnt leave top of his cage)... I think i can get him to step up really soon and then we can beging to train flying (if he is willing). He is terrible flyer, we have a huge house so it would be great for him if he learned to fly and could explore the house himself."

Aatu will continue to open-up over the next weeks and months! At this point, Aatu shows a high level of interest and very limited fear or aggression, if any! Over the next couple of weeks, depending on your level of comfort, I would try a 'Step-Up' request of Aatu. State something like Aatu, Step-up with your finger properly position. If he backs away - not ready or does not know how. If he attempts to bite, more time to developing a relationship, or does not know how. If he Steps-up! Congratulations!

Teaching and older Amazon to Fly, Starting Point:
- Needs to have completed Step-up training and is comfortable being on your hand!
- Visit your CAV (certified Avian Vet)! As part of that visit, you need to clearly state to your CAV that you want to Teach Your Amazon To Fly and you want an evaluation of the Health of your Parrots; Flight Muscle Mass, Heart and Air Sacks. This should include a full spectrum blood test. It would not be uncommon to receive an evaluation to allow for 'moderate' training and a revisit after three to six months! Or, that as a result of existing issues, only light physical activity.

There is a real need to begin slowly, building muscle mass of the primary flight muscles, plus the Heart and Air Sacks!

Once these two steps are completed, I will help you begin that muscle building process plus targeting base pre-flight skills.

Aatu is really friendly and not scared, if i offer my hand or fingers he will nible them gently, he doesnt bite me (my wife he bites, he seems not to like womans). He just doesnt know what step up means ... We're practicing it with treats but he hasn't understood yet what i'm trying to teach him... Any pointers for this?

Aatu got scared of something few days ago and flied to our sofa, i didnt offer stick/perch to him, i offered my arm. He stepped up in that situation and flied to his cage immediately when i raised him high enough.

Aatu (and all our birds) were just 2 weeks ago in complete tests, including full spectrum blood test, hearth and air bags and flight muscle mass... Aatu is low on flight muscles but not that low. My vet said he would be able to fly (and yes, i've seen him flying, terribly) but he needs to exercise and flying would be the best exercise (this is what my avian vet said).

Elli (CAG) and Åke were in perfect shape. Åkes feathers are quite bad (flex), due really bad diet he has been earlier and Elli has a lot of broken flying feathers due being in a small cage earlier and flapping around and hitting her feathers on the cage... But everyone is tested, all good and everything that was wrong are already fixed when they moved with us

Edit: Our VET said no need to revisit due flight training, IF everything goes as planned and i dont notice anything weird during our training (like Aatu getting really exhausted with just flapping around etc "low level" exercising")
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Old 09-23-2017, 07:50 PM
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Re: (Huge) Mealy Amazon male and biting

Happy to hear that your got a go ahead regarding flight training.

Well, I'm a bit more reserve regarding a full go for it approach as even a limited flier needs to build those muscles to assure your Parrot does not over-heat or become short of breath.

Now, you need to work with 'step-up' before we begin pre-flight training.
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