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jessicaruns4fun 10-03-2018 11:30 PM

Shasta bit me.....hard
Hi everyone!

I know I know getting bit is part of parrot life, even though she got me real good the wound will heal. I cant lie it kinda hurt my feelings haha but I will get over it.

I should have read the signs, she was over stimulated found a new high spot and when it came time to step up I got a big fat heck no lol. Shes so good at stepping up so I was real surprised at her reaction:o

Missing part of my knuckle I put her back in her cage and walked away for 15-20 minutes, when I walked back in she wouldn't even talk to me lol talk about a pouty parrot lol

Bed time came I went to cover her she finally gave in and wanted her bedtime head scratch and to say her goodnights. Guess all is forgiven for now, we start again tomorrow lol

Gonna chalk this day up to lesson learned :33:

Jen5200 10-04-2018 12:03 AM

Re: Shasta bit me.....hard
Those days are rough, but they will definitely be balanced by the amazing days when you make little breakthroughs.

You have my sympathy on the wound though - they definitely smart, and the feelings too. On the upside, she wanted her head scratch which is a good indicator that she has desire to interact with you.

LeaKP 10-04-2018 03:35 AM

Re: Shasta bit me.....hard
Oh sorry. It happens and thankfully you’re gonna be ok. Oucheeee!

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ChristaNL 10-04-2018 03:54 AM

Re: Shasta bit me.....hard
Totall sympathy here and in awe about your wonderfull attitude about it!

Happy healing!

(still looking forward to the day my skin will all be one piece again, I 've been somewhat holey since taking in the macaw.)

Anita1250 10-04-2018 07:00 AM

Re: Shasta bit me.....hard
Sometimes we forget that these birds are super intelligent little creatures. It has taken me 35 years to learn the cues Sam gives out when he does not want to be bothered.

When I first come home, it is hands off. He is just too excited to see us for any touching. We greet him and talk to him. After about 10 minutes, he wants to cuddle and play.

Even though I have what I consider a great relationship with my parrot, there are still times when he gets me. Not hard any more, but a little nip to say " Leave me alone now ". This is from a bird who has lived with me since he was 11 weeks old. So, don't feel too bad. We all misread them at times. Learn from the experience, and move forward. Nothing good is ever easy. Especially a relationship with a bird who can live to be 60 and has the intelligence of a four year old child. Move slowly and you will be rewarded.

BTW, birdie beaks are pretty dirty. A little antiseptic is in order for that bite. I have many scars like that! LOL Good luck.

LaManuka 10-04-2018 07:07 AM

Re: Shasta bit me.....hard
Yes I have some scars on my hands too, from a dearly departed little green cheek. I wear them as a badge of honour, I think we all do❤️

Laurasea 10-04-2018 07:35 AM

Re: Shasta bit me.....hard
We shall your pain

jessicaruns4fun 10-04-2018 06:04 PM

Re: Shasta bit me.....hard
Thank you everyone for the kind words:D

She seems back to her goofy self today and wanting more attention then ever:green:

Like I said definitely a learning experience

GaleriaGila 10-04-2018 06:24 PM

Re: Shasta bit me.....hard
Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll... here is the Patagonian apologist (yours truly)!

As time goes by, you'll find that you can determine just how much you'll put up with. By all means, do try all the great advice you'll get here, but I would say that it's okay to compromise a bit in the long run.

Personally, I have reduced biting to almost zero over the years I've spent with the Rickeybird... and a lot of that has involved compromise. I don't do stuff that gets me bitten. Some will say I have let him get away with too much, and that's a fair criticism, but, well... I'm okay with it. I don't do stuff that makes him mad... I don't touch others when he's out; I rarely try to get him to step up onto my hand first. Hand-held perch first, then hand. In some ways, I'm disappointed/embarassed at having such a little monster for a pet, but he is what he is. I ALWAYS wear my hair down when he's on my shoulder, so all he can bite is hair. Really, I don't involve hands much... he doesn't like them. He seems to think the real ME is my head, perched on a weird moveable tree with questionable appendages.

Since he's fully flighted, the ONLY way I get him into the cage is to toss a chile pepper in and he flaps in after it. So food reward is a necessity for me. Time-out doesn't exist in the Rb's kingdom.

I have had some success with using the "earthquake" technique for biting. When he bites, give your hand a swift shake... it should make him let go. The idea... every time he bites, a mysterious earthquske shakes him up. Some people feel this is mean and/or engenders lack of trust. The same can work for clothes biting... give your shoulder a shake, or jump! For me, it has helped.

But please... listen to and try all the good advice you'll get here. Chris is very wise.

Don't compromise until you know you've done your best. Then just accept and love whatever/whoever your bird turns out to be.

Parrots aren't always easy pets to understand and control, and your bird sounds ALL-PARROT! :)

My Rickeybird is in some ways kind of a worse-case scenario, but we have it all worked out between the two of us.

He's my bird.

Anita1250 10-05-2018 06:20 AM

Re: Shasta bit me.....hard
OMG, I use earthquake too. When Sam is sitting on one of our laps, and doesn't want to leave, we just shake a leg and he steps right up. Usually he wants to sit with all night!

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