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Old 10-10-2018, 12:32 PM
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Re: Chico and me after a week.

Quote: Originally Posted by noodles123 View Post
I would be very cautious with ANY oil (there just isn't enough research on the impacts, and just because a bird survives it, does not mean it is a safe bet)...there are plenty of 100-year-old smokers, but that doesn't mean smoking is safe. Plus, essential oils have impacts on the human body (via diffusion)---literally, they can heighten or suppress central nervous system function. If the levels impact a mammal this way (a large one, at that ), imagine the impact on a small bird with a HIGHLY sensitive respiratory system.

I agree, Essential Oils in-general are not "bird-safe", especially to diffuse into the air for scent purposes...However, natural Peppermint Oil is totally bird-safe, and is actually what is suggested that people use as a natural insect/pest repellent, that's why it's added to natural, plant-based enzyme cleaners that are actually labeled as being "bird-safe". It's the only scented cleaner I use, well, I should say that it's the only scent added to any cleaners I use, as Wegmans actually makes an entire line of all-natural, plant-based enzyme cleaning products that come in either "unscented" or with "natural peppermint oil"...It's extremely faint and wears-off in a day or two, but gives a nice fresh scent to the house.

I would never endorse using Essential Oils in a "diffuser" or anything for scent purposes, nor should you EVER put any Essential Oils directly ON your bird...This is a topic that comes up often, as people always ask "What essential oils are safe for your bird", and the answer to that questions is that you have to investigate each, individual essential oil for overall-safeness, and then you also have to look at how you're planning on using it.

The only time I use any essential oils at all is for insect/pest repelling, and then in only the natural, plant-based enzyme cleaners that are actually bird-safe, that's it. And as an extra FYI, the most dangerous essential oil for birds, as well as other pets such as reptiles/amphibians, is Tea Tree Oil. It's horribly toxic, and people often don't research it and just go ahead and put it on wounds on their birds or their Bearded Dragons, etc., and it literally can kill them in minutes as it is absorbed into their skin.
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