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Old 12-29-2018, 09:56 AM
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Re: "Solving" mature (BF) amazon male hormones?

At 5+ years they are not necessarily past puberty. This can hit amazons between 4-7 years, with some stretching up above ten years old, and last up to a couple years. You’re absolutely dealing with puberty it sounds like.

To be extra sure, you need to ask how long the behavior has been going on. I’d be inclined to believe it’s puberty if some keywords are thrown out such as ”sudden change”, or “relatively recent” - few months. I’d even accept “over a year” as an indication. Though at that point I’d also be likely to ascribe some behvaioral challenges to the bird given poor handling by unknowing owners for a protracted period of time (see my prior point about teaching birds to bite, even in hormonal fits).

Duration + age will be your primary indicator of if you’re dealing with puberty, overexcitability, or some other challenge related or otherwise (not the only indicator, gotta dig deeper, but should inform your line of questioning).

Hormones almost universally hit males stronger than females. Just part of the territory.

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Old 12-30-2018, 08:57 AM
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Re: "Solving" mature (BF) amazon male hormones?

Well just from my own experience working at an Avian Rescue for over 8 years plus the Amazon owners I know here in the forum, that isn't the case at all that I've seen...There are many owners of males Amazons on this forum, all species of male Amazons, who have great relationships with their birds, they live outside of their cages pretty much full time with their people, and they are often posting here about their birds happily...I suggest you go through this Amazon forum and check-out the posts of other Amazon owners to verify what I'm saying...

As far as at the rescue, over the years we've had many, many Amazons over the years, and as far as overall aggressiveness, I would not have thought of any Amazons as being the "usual suspects", not at all..So I have to wonder if the problem you're having or seeing is a "chicken or the egg" issue, where because you've got some aggressive male Amazons (probably due to hormones if only 5 years of age) they aren't given any out of cage time, and then being locked in their cage 24/7 is simply making them much more frustrated, bored out of their minds, and hence more and more aggressive...

I'm not saying we never see an Amazon with "behavioral" issues (though I've never taken note of their sex to be honest with you), but these are the Amazons of individual owners who have the time and patience to work with them every single day and use different ideas of other members to try to curb their hormonal-aggression, such as putting them on a "Natural Light Schedule", correcting their diets, separating them from other Amazons in the house of the opposite sex, removing all small, dark areas/boxes/huts/tents that they might have access to in their cages or in the house, etc. So while it may take some work to curb their hormonal-aggression, they aren't just simply ignored and locked in a cage for the rest of their lives. That may be the difference between a lot of aggressive Amazons in a Rescue and an individual family with one aggressive Amazon that they love and make a commitment to working with everyday and to doing everything they can to try to curb their hormones...

There are a lot of people here who are very experienced Amazon owners who have contributed to helping new Amazon owners in not only curbing their hormonal behavior, but in simply understanding Amazon behavior in-general, as it is a bit different than that of other species of parrots, as is that of Cockatoos, Macaws, Conures, etc.
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Old 12-30-2018, 03:28 PM
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Re: "Solving" mature (BF) amazon male hormones?

Adult Amazons have, as a group, a base 'display' language that they use to communicate with other Amazons and Humans that take the time to learn it. Each Amazon will add to that foundation, but the basics are there. See Understanding Amazon Body Language at the top of the Amazon Forum.

Experienced Amazon owners approach their Amazons looking for responses from the Amazon regarding their approach. It becomes second nature and many of those owners do not even realize that they are in fact doing. It is common for an experienced owner to have begun a conversation with their Amazon from afar. The combination of vocal responses, and the Amazon's Body Language defines the interaction with their Amazon when they are up close and personal.

Only fools sneak up on a sleeping Amazon and surprise that Amazon with a Step-Up.

Amazons are social by nature and want to be part of a family group. That requires that they are physically located where the family gathers. In addition, they require high levels of Interaction from hands-on to sitting with individual(s) members or with the entire family.

Behavioral Problems resulting from abuse! We rarely have a complete history of a Parrot. Even when talking with a couple, what really has happened only comes up when one closely watches the body language of both the Amazon and the couple. It can become even clearer when one separates the couple and works with the each separately with the Parrot. In many cases, the individuals know they are abusing. In just as many cases they have never considered that their actions are abusive.

We so commonly forget that our Parrots have no Natural Reason to Trust Us! When they have a questionable history with Humans, why would they not lung and attempt to bite?

One of my Long provided Statements:
It is never the fault of the Amazon! It is always the Fault of the Human! Once this reality becomes part of understanding the interaction. The source (driver) can be identified. Once identified, one can begin correcting the actions of the Humans!

In each Morning's early light; there is a promise, an Amazon makes!

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