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Birdmom12 02-03-2019 02:44 PM

Re: Socializing & Training

Originally Posted by Flynhigh (Post 795513)
Keep your training sessions short , 5min max end on a good note. If you do 3 well , stop end it there . Try again later. Progress is progress. Your doing wonderful.

Thanks everyone- This is a difficult process especially when your experience spans smaller less complex birds. I do think JoJo was allowed to get away with a lot at his last home. I know now he is definitely testing us and our boundaries. He's also showing dominance over his cage area. What I have read though this is fairly typical until you work on it with them. He is also getting territorial of the other bird cages. (at least I think this is what's happening). Whenever he tries to get to the other cages we direct him off. He typically fights us on this before caving and going to his own play stand once more. He's never aggressive with the others but watches them closely and you can tell he is getting excited. All the same we want to keep them separated for the time being.

I've also noticed with me sometimes he will move INCREDIBLY fast towards me and hop/lunge, or try and snatch a treat out of my fingers instead of being gently like he does for others. (The previous owners friend may have been right on him not caring for woman-Wondering what bad experience he had).

I've been reading the Companion Parrot Handbook and hoping to get some guidance through that. Hoping to work through this territorial behavior so that we can expand onto other things like stepping up (He will do it but not very often). I think a single play stand is in the near future. One that we can roll into an another room for him to play on. Then he won't be so focused on his cage and defending it.

Birdmom12 02-04-2019 09:30 AM

Re: Socializing & Training
Opinions requested.

I have come up with a plan of attack for our boy. I'm wondering if I can get some input/suggestions.

We are currently a week in with our new guy. When he comes out he is generally speaking good. He doesn't scream, has limited his flying (seems to be listening to our requests), doesn't try and destroy anything outside his toys etc...He really just walks around his cage top and watches us.

He doesn't listen to step up though, is a struggle to put back into his cage for sleep, and gets a bit territorial of his area (especially with me). My thoughts were that his bedtime be around 8pm with a wake up time of 7am. I'll always be the breakfast/dinner feeder (Since I'm the least favorite), Through out the day he will get a "CLICK" followed by a treat, once this is understood we will move into target training with the stick. We will keep sessions short maybe 3-5 targets and done. Once he is excited about the training we can branch out to come over here, spin here, step up etc...

Also wondering if asking him to go onto a perch in another room would be beneficial? Would this help reset his mind to a neutral space.

I think for now we should move at a slower pace. I want to allow him the opportunity to come out and be apart of the family. However, this fight of its bed time go back to your room is a stressful struggle.

Flynhigh 02-04-2019 10:08 AM

Re: Socializing & Training
Start target training immediately, use it for in and out , on and off stands and cages. Favorite treat for this only. Sorry to be short , will give more later.

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wrench13 02-04-2019 04:58 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
you are talking about many kinds of training at once. trying to teach a flighted 'tiel is going to be much hard that a non-flighted 'amazon. Lets do easier one first. find out the birds most fav treat, he one they cant live out out. That now becomes your training tool. Make a EVERYDAY for trainng. let the parrot play with the harness a few times ,so she is o tscared of it. The very hardest part of hardness training is getting the bird to voluntariy put his head theu the loop.You are going to bribe the parrot to to this by putting smaall pcs of threat lleading gup to the loop, whuch yiu will have held open at the edge to the table,Hold a pieice of threat in you other hand and once the bids head is far enouth in, slide the reast ot the loop on the head. Note this may take months and monhs ( took me almost a year with Salty). Once you do it profusely praise and treat the bird, and develope a quing word and action to easily take it off ( this can take awhile too. Try toremail clm thru the whole process - if you are neverous so will the bird be.

Birdmom12 02-04-2019 08:54 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Thank you wrench. Tonight I felt defeated and really the whole family did. Everyone went their separate ways and it was just me and jojo (amazon) I let him be for awhile not knowing what to do. I finally caved and said the worse that happens he bites me. I went to his cage cleaned it and washed, sat kn the floor next to it and just thought. He peaked at me a bit before flying off to another spot. Knowing we don’t want him to do this I decided to man up and get him back to his play top. I got the target stick and walnuts and went to him. I targeted him where he was then I walked back to his play top and targeted him. It was in that small moment there was a miracle! He flew back and came to the target! I treated him and in my moment of complete satisfaction baby talked him. It was then I found his high reward! Walnuts and baby talk!!!

We targeted around the cage and before I knew it he was following me and interested in me! Keep in mind I have never been his go to so far! Anytime he flew off I targeted him back home and he listened and caught on so fast! When my husband his go to person came in he ignored him and was not interested in him he only had eyes for me and training. I gotta say going from feeling defeated to we are finally understanding and trusting each other feels amazing!

He went for about a half hour but we also made it into a game. I think he enjoyed the interaction, high praise, and perhaps is finally seeing me as someone he might want to trust. When I asked him to step up he did warning bite my Arm so we aren’t there yet. However started the progress of target training him to where I need him is so rewarding. I hope the coming days are as positive.

Flynhigh 02-04-2019 08:56 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
As wrench13 mentioned start with one trick or command at a time. Clicker and target stick need to be used at the same time. At least for movement tricks, If you don't have a training stand yet you can use the back of a chair or you can build a quick and inexpensive one from PVC pipe. Wrap the area where the bird will be standing with vet wrap and your all set. Do not use any glue to put it together , they will press fit and stay tight. If you need pics let me know.

Start training by getting him to just touch the stick, click, treat and big praise!!Do not under estimate this trick . Once he's comfy with the stick start moving his direction right or left on the stand , one way per command Click, Treat! Praise! Once you get him to follow you comfortably in and out of the cage will go pretty quickly. Remember keep the favorite treat only for targeting or tricks only. Make sure hubby uses this method as well so he understands it coming from both of you. It will be clear what you both are asking of him. I would work with this info for a week or so depending on how long it takes him to get it. Go slow get him confident with the stick , you will know when hes ready to move ahead. If you push to hard he will push back or get frightened or bored. That means more work on your part. 1 step forward 2 steps back. Always err on the shorter is better. We all have done it because we see progress and get really excited and then OOPS!! .

Harness - I wouldn't bother with this until you can at the very least get him to step up. You will need to be able to touch him or he will need to feel comfy with you touching his wings and getting him off balance slightly or you will be punished. They don't like this so tread lightly. The harness needs to be on you or visible to him during all training sessions even though you will not use it to teach anything , at some point you will show it to him and see how close you can get it to him before body language changes then Stop! or in other words you see he's scared.

You want to eventually be able to touch him with it without any fear. Once your at that point your ready to target his head through the harness. So as you can see its a process and not a particularly quick one. many steps , lots of patience and praise and most of all have fun with it. If he's not interested that's ok . Remember always train on an empty crop. You will see all kinds of enthusiasm.

Flynhigh 02-04-2019 09:01 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
That's wonderful !!! Keep the great work and don't get discouraged , he's probably been target trained and is thinking YES she gets me!! This is where it gets hard to stop but remember only take it to the point you see advancement and stop.

Birdmom12 02-04-2019 09:02 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Thank you flynhigh! See above for tonight’s little but highly rewarding progress. He does not trust me to step up yet and honesty I’m nervous as well. (I have dizzy spells and looking up saying come here makes me dizzy then makes me nervous) tonight though we pulled his cage out from behind his gate. It was lower and easier to access this made training more comfortable. Will continue to use yours and others advice on this journey. Thank you so much.

Flynhigh 02-04-2019 09:09 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Make yourself a stand that's comfortable for you or a couple different sizes PVC is cheap and easy, may not be as attractive but after your little guy gets ahold of an expensive one Lol!! neither will it. Glad its going so well!!

Birdmom12 02-05-2019 08:40 AM

Re: Socializing & Training
yes a stand is needed. We realized he is easily distracted and our cockatiel going into song mode doesn't help. We decided last night to craft a stand thats lower, easily accessible, and hoping it will help take away from territorial cage defending.

Happy to say when I went down this morning to feed everyone he came right over to me again! He made some noises and we talked back and forth a bit. I targeted him in his cage and treated him. I also let me daughter do it a couple times (she was feeling neglected). We are also trying a new meal routine hoping this will help in training. I think before he was just always full so now he gets his breakfast then his dinner after play/training. Unfortunately play and training happens later in the afternoon on week days.

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