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Flynhigh 02-05-2019 08:57 AM

Re: Socializing & Training
Wonderful!! , keep everyone involved. I do things a little different . My training stands are PVC and have food and water bowls that I remove when training. It keeps the mess of meals out of the cage where its much more difficult to clean . Breakfast and dinner are served from these. This isn't for everyone but it works well for me.

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Birdmom12 02-05-2019 09:01 AM

Re: Socializing & Training
I actually like the idea of the PVC stand/dishes. I have noticed his cage is terrible to clean. Its so large the only ideal way to wash it is to hose it in the yard. Living up north...that's not an option right now. Definatly will be looking into crafting one of this as well. It would be nice to have a couple through out the house. At least then he could fly to a stand to hang with us (if he still decided hes not ready to step up).

Thanks for this photo its got my wheels spinning on ideas!

Flynhigh 02-05-2019 09:04 AM

Re: Socializing & Training
This is 1" PVC with 3" PVC caps for food bowls. And stainless hardware to connect the bowl to the 1" cap.

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Birdmom12 02-05-2019 03:23 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Slightly off topic question to the training subject. I am reading up on Amazons again and someone recommended a solar schedule? They stated male amazons are known for being nasty and complete hellions especially during hormone season. With that they did state behaviors are typically due to the human not recognizing signs of back off.

My question is when does hormone season start? How long does it typically last? What do you do when your birds are experiencing it? Are they housed in their cage more? Or simply left alone while out? Is there anything a newbie should do when the time strikes?

I'm trying to find idiot proof information here but I am finding it hard. I also read males need a different diet to help with the hormones?

Over all our little guy is generally speaking a respectful amazon. He doesn't easily lash out of act hostile. If he doesn't want you he simply walks some where else to get away. The one time he did warning bite us I would say it was incredibly mild and hardly felt...and I heave read about the damage they can cause if they wanted.

Who knew that time of the month could be such an ordeal for these creatures.

wrench13 02-05-2019 06:56 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Depends on the species and individual. Some, the hot 3, are well known for having strong puberty reaction, esp the first one, and then again some of the owners hardly notice a change. Our Salty, a yeallow sholder 'zon is known for milder temerment, and will be 4 soon, well into puberty for his species.

Mring season for 'zon generally starts soon and lasts until end of spring. Remember- generally- every perrrot is an indiviual. Some BFA I hno problem plaing with and some frare like buzz saws.

Birdmom12 02-08-2019 01:44 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Hello friends, I need honest talk for those with blunt advice. We are currently fostering the amazon I have been posting on. As you know I do not have ANY experience with large birds especially ones with the minds like an amazon.

I'm seeing the difficulties in housing one and I can understand why they so often get passed around. They are not an easy bird that is meant for everyone. (but this is not their fault)

With that said a decision is coming up on what we want to do. Adopt or Foster until rehomed.

Initially I was leaning towards we would only foster. I'm not confident in my comfort level of having an animal of this magnitude. Sure I can afford him and provide him a safe home. He would always have fresh toys, a clean cage, and healthy food. But what about the rest? It sounds like many of you have your bird out of the cage more then they are in it. I work 40 hours a week so hes out nights and weekends he gets to come out during the day. This would become his routine and "normal". We also have dogs that have to be locked up when he is out. We wanted to ween everyone into happy cohabiting so everyone could be out at the same time. But is this even safe? is this a responsible move"

Then comes the comfort level. I can honestly say I am not comfortable handling him at this point. (target training has been a savior lately) I'm sure its the same for him why would he trust me. I'm sure given time we would happily learn to trust one another. But until then...? And what if that never happens? They say birds pick up on humans emotions etc... I know mine right now are screaming don't bite me.

I have also started to think about the day I hand him off to his potential future home. The thought honestly made me rather angry. I'm wondering if they would take the time to feed him his fresh foods? I've learned he would rather munch on his veggies and nuts all day over a pellet. When he does this it leaves his cage disgusting, stinky, and in need of daily cleaning. (and not just a swapping out of paper but an actual rag and bucket of water) I can't imagine the average person maintaining that. I more see people just taking away the fresh foods and saying eat pellets. Would they even clean his water bowl as needed? Right now I go home on break to freshen up his bowls.

Then I think of will they let him out daily? Will they respect his need for space? I've noticed he would much rather sit and preen or sit and monitor the house. Next his cage is small and when we brought him home he had 2 old faded wooden toys in it. We have since replenished his home with a variety of toys. He also has new play top toys, he now has a fresh food dish, and a variety of perches. I wonder would the next home maintain this? Would they play music for him during the day while your away? Would they upgrade him to the larger cage he deserves?

So my thoughts are running rampant! Am I the right home? A home is more then just providing a clean space, food, and toys. What if I am not the bond he deserves? I take being a pet parent very seriously. I'm not one to take on a pet and say oh their difficult bye. I suppose that's why I am stressing out about the commitment of him. I have never had such a bird before and I don't know if I'm right.

ChristaNL 02-08-2019 02:58 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
I am usually the master/mistress of blunt but to be honest: I do not know!
??!! Are you being pressured into deciding?
Because that is how bad decisions are made (or good ones that will keep you second-guessing anyway).

I understand: the "this is not perfect, but it could be soooo much worse for this bird if I were not there".

I am having some of those issues with Sunny: she really deserves so much more (more interaction, someone who is more experienced with this type of bird, more - much more- space, more dedication & energy form her caretaker etc.etc.) but compared to what she had before she landed here...she already has a LOT more, and maybe it is enough. (?)

If I were to meet someone she took an instant shine to, who could improve on what I can offer her... she would be with that person in a heartbeat! (Though I would miss her like crazy).
The same with the greys - if they would get a far better life: that is what I would want for them!

But life has no guarantees and sometimes you just have to trust that things will happen for a reason, but this 'stay or go' - I don't know!

Birdmom12 02-08-2019 03:17 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Well I feel pressured to give an answer...but ultimately I don't think there is immediate pressure. With that said I think they would want an answer relatively soon not the months it could take for him to warm up to me.

I know I am dedicated to him, I know I love him (even after 2 weeks), and I know I would continue to work with him. My concern is... can I get over this ridiculous fear of don't bite my ear off? It really is ridiculous! The other night he bit me when I asked him to step up. Had I not been looking at him I never would have known, that's how gentle he is. Even when the rescue was loading him into a crate for us and he was getting angry his "attacks" were gentle, you could tell he didn't want to hurt anyone he just wanted to get away. He's very content at just sitting on his cage top and being quiet... hes not a loud bird that screams or angry.

I feel like if we all relaxed and took our time a bond could be formed. I'm just struggling with am I right for you? Am I giving you enough outside time? does it bother you that you don't have your person to hang with? Silly questions I am sure.

ChristaNL 02-08-2019 04:04 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Not silly at all - they are great questions!

Laurasea 02-08-2019 04:50 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Awww, you have to follow your heart, your instincts.
I can tell you, I always worry if I do enough for my birds, or if they are happy enough, am I feeding them right...ect. I guess that's just being a parront!
I think you should have a good general feel for him now.
If you are just worried about your experience level, well he will help you level up! Most of the people who adopt him would be going to work, no different than you. I lean towards telling you to adopt him. He isn't going to turn into a monster unexpectedly, as you are meeting needs of food, social, toys, activities, and respect. You can work through almost anything with the right attitude. ;)

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