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Old 04-14-2019, 03:30 PM
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Re: Clumsy gymnast

Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwibird View Post
Nice setup! And yay for spoiled BFAs!

Even if its been a few months since his last nail trim, that doesn’t mean they’ve grown to a proper length for safe climbing. A lot of groomers and even avian vets get a bit overexcited with nail trimming and clip them WAY too short. Parrots need big talons. Many I’ve seen who get regular trim have nails literally half as long as my birds, whose nails have been let grow to a natural length save clipping the very tips off when they become painful to our hands (Kiwi is an excellent climber and never had grip problems). I would suggest continuing to let them grow out and to just clip a few mm off the very tips when they become too sharp to comfortably hold. Unless a bird has medical issues that accelerates nail growth or is a total perch potato, clipping nails on healthy birds is more for our comfort handling them than their benefit and makes climbing quite treacherous.

For comparison here is what Kiwis nails look like. These are proper length parrot nails, not overgrown yet long enough to climb with (and most groomers would have a field day with aiming to shorten by probably 4+mm):

I take Amy to his doctor for nail trims now,after the !@^%&@ idiot at the pet store clipped too short on three nails and made them bleed and made him cry in pain His CAV uses a Dremel and just does enough to get the tips blunt. I have a Dremel also but would be too afraid lol.

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Old 04-14-2019, 09:24 PM
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Re: Clumsy gymnast

A good guide to go off of for nails is when your bird is standing flat on a table or counter and the very tip of the toe ( not the nail) comes up off the table because of the nail its time for a slight trim. Get that toe back on the table an its perfect. Some birds do a great job of doing their own pedicures some not so much so teaching them young not to fear the towel is important. Or as baby's, introducing a nail file.

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Old 04-17-2019, 06:27 PM
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Re: Clumsy gymnast

Thanks for the suggestions! Hes a paper shredder so paper on the bottom wont work. I May try hanging a seagrass mat though. I have a few of those and plastic chain so that should be easy to put together.

As far as his nails, I dont get them trimmed at all. Hes got a couple of those rough perches and they seem to keep his nails trimmed down enough so that they arent needles. But they are still plenty long I think.

Thanks for all the ideas! I appreciate it!
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Old 04-19-2019, 03:18 PM
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Re: Clumsy gymnast

That's a very nice cage you got for him! He's a lucky boy!

Of course if he's falling off of the toys/swings that are up near the top of the cage to the bottom of the cage, yes he could potentially get injured, even badly. So as suggested, putting a net across the bottom of the cage to catch him, or the sea-grass mat, etc. is a good idea...But it's probably better to try to figure out why he's falling in the first-place...It could be his nails, I'd also check the bottom of his feet for any signs of Bumblefoot like scabs or red, raw areas...And then I'd keep an eye on him closely, and if he keeps falling on a regular-basis I'd consider getting him to your Avian Vet for a Wellness-Exam and regular blood-work if he hasn't had it done recently. He's probably falling because he's excited and not paying attention to what he's doing, or he's just a bit clumsy, or due to his nails (though they look fine in the photo, they aren't lifting his toes off of the ground and they aren't curled or anything...but sometimes birds do start falling off of perches, ladders, toys, etc. due to health/medical issues, so if it keeps happening then you should probably get him fully checked-out to make sure there isn't anything more serious going on...
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