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Old 07-15-2016, 12:20 PM
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Re: Plucking: A Search For Answers

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HELLO every one, excuse any mistakes , english is not my primary language, i havea parrot, rossiclois, he has loss of feathers on his wings near the neck, and at times bleading, it looks horrible and is at the point where he can no longer fly, i have a room set up for my birds, i have cages with open doors so the can move arround freely in the roome, fresh water every day , i give them 3 or 4 types of seeds apple , letuce and some times rice , they love cooked rice, my problem is that i have more or less 16 birds, all of them happy and perfect except for my two grey rosiclois which i actualy thing are related grande father and grande son. the younger one has no mate "single" just plays arround alone all day and has slight loss of feathers, the older one has mass loss of feather on his neck and blood. the older one has a cage just for him and his girlfriend with open door , he never leaves the cage, i think the female is kind of his girlfriend / boss very bossy and unfriendly to all other birds, and some times mean to him. he has this condition for maby 9 months now.
i dont know what to do . here are some pictures of him and his girlfriend Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
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Old 07-15-2016, 01:16 PM
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Re: Plucking: A Search For Answers

Hi Safe and welcome to the forum.
I am so glad you found us and are asking for help for your babies.

I think it is great that your birds are allowed to come and go from their cages as they like, but I would still suggest having several perches of different materials and diameters
in their cages, as well as some toys for them to chew on. It is also important to keep the cages as clean as possible.
I would add in more veggies to their diet, lettuce is not really that nutritional.
Here is a link with a list of safe and healthy things for your birds to eat:
Bird Safe Fresh Foods & Toxic Food Lists + Sprouts
It may help to add a good pellet as well. If they are not eating enough fresh veggies and fruits, here is a great link for you to help convert them to a better diet:
Converting Parrots to a Healthier Diet - Tips

Do you have an avian vet you could take the older one who is so plucked to? There may be underlying health issues. If the female in his cage with him is picking on him, I would let him have the cage to himself for now at least.

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Old 07-15-2016, 01:33 PM
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Re: Plucking: A Search For Answers

Hi Safe & welcome!

Some great advice above. I'm sure you'll find lots on information on the forum to help you out. Toy's/perches etc. can be hard to find/get in some areas & can get really expensive to replace especially when ya have a few I love this section of the forum Do It Youself there are some great ideas & just a fraction of the cost to make.

Please keep us updated on his progress

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Old 07-30-2016, 08:00 PM
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Re: Plucking: A Search For Answers

The Rickeybird has never plucked, but I was drawn to read this thread for some reason, and now I know why, having finished it.
This thread shows everything WONDERFUL about this place. Newbies and senior members come together without judgment or intolerance; people share their most private agonies about their beloved parrots; scholarly research and genuine personal caring are combined to HELP people HELP BIRDS. I was very moved by the posts here. Very, very moved. I love this place.
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Old 07-28-2017, 12:22 PM
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Re: Plucking: A Search For Answers

I´m currently having a difficult time with one of my Sennies, his chest is bare...after a year of growing it all back! I suspect stress, my older bird can be very nasty to him. They have a room all their own and are pretty much free in the daytime, but my older goes in the cage and is locked up at night, he isn´t trusted to share the cage.
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Old Yesterday, 05:04 PM
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Re: Plucking: A Search For Answers

Read through this entire post. Will be watching the video about the sock for absolute last resort for Lily. I like the theory about the watermelon. Will start buying those more often (personally I can’t stand them but if it helps Lily, it’s worth a shot). Maybe I’ll post pictures of her in this thread later since there were people in the past asking what a plucked bird looks like. She’s not completely bald like she once was but it’s still painful to look at her plucked areas. It seems any time she's almost fully feathered, she goes nuts on her chest/back and rips out chunks of feather. She hasn’t plucked her tail or any of the other areas she once had since her flight feathers grew back. I can say with confidence she is one bird I won’t be clipping this next coming vet visit. I fear she’d go crazy plucking herself clean and be bald like when I first got her. I’ll add to this post I read somewhere a UV lamp can help, if they are Vitamin D deficient, in my case my birds definitely are since it’s still winter and too cold to take them outside yet. I had to cover the windows in their room too because Lily and Snowball kept pooping/chewing on them, and cleaning up the poop was very difficult, and well, there’s no fixing the chewed up chunks now. She is definitely a work in progress, and I’m still actively trying to get her (and Snowball) onto a pellet diet (it has been a very trying process). Hopefully things work out for the best with her. I mean, she has made progress so far, fingers crossed she doesn’t extend plucking past chest/back like in the past. It was so grotesque there was no way I could post a picture of her in the forums when I first got her. She’s still a bit of a fright to look at compared to a healthy non plucking bird, but she is indeed a good example picture for others to see what a plucked little birdie looks like. Hopefully as she makes progress (if she continues to do so), I can post update photos of her with healthy feathers.
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Old Yesterday, 11:29 PM
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Re: Plucking: A Search For Answers

I'm hoping with you that Lily continues to make progress. Plucking can be such a stubborn and mysterious affliction, and so painful to watch. I have so much respect for those of you who strive each and every day to find an answer that works for your birds.

I think it would be great if you posted pics. Not just for the learning experience, but also so we can meet Lady Lily.
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Old Today, 01:31 AM
Rescue Budgie: Snowball Black Capped Conure: Warbeak Parrotlet: Lily, plucker :(
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Re: Plucking: A Search For Answers

I took a few pictures of her to show the plucked areas as best I could. It’s most prominent on her front right under her neck, also looks like there’s a bit under her wings. I couldn’t quite get her back, she was too curious and wouldn’t show me it due to her attachment to the phone. Her back isn’t as bad as her front though. At least I can say it’s thankfully only down she’s pulling out now, but even still I don’t like that. Nobody wants a bird to pluck to any degree honestly. But at least she’s not so insane as to pluck herself bald or rip out her tail feathers any more.
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