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Old 11-26-2016, 07:44 PM
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GCC Biting

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My GCC... Sunny does not bite me much any more. However my Daughter E gets bit everytime Sunny lands on her. Her twin (Daughter L) handles Sunny when he thinks I am not around. He has chosen me over DL even thought I was rehoming Sunny for her.

DE stays away from Sunny. He waits til she is not watching... then he flys to her where he bites her neck, ear, and/or mouth depending where he lands. DE cries everytime Sunny bites her. I need help in reconditioning this behavior. I am at a loss of ideas.

When we had a Harliquin macaw. DE was never afraid of her. Where DL was afraid to handle the macaw. The twins have always kinda "turned the table" as kids.

(Macaw moved out with husband when we split. She was bonded to him.)

I really need words of wisdom. I do not want anyone to be bit. Sunny has learned not to bite me, but will in playing and does not hurt me. It took awhile, but DL and I got Sunny trained so we can handle him.

He still keeps biting DE who wants nothing to do with the bird. Really Thankful for any advice.
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Old 11-27-2016, 07:51 AM
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Re: GCC Biting

Using the tried and true base as a starting point will help ID what the issue(s) maybe: Its never the fault of the Parrot! Its always the fault of the Human. As stated, from this vantage point, you can more easily see what is happening and change it.

Understanding that Parrots quickly tie into our emotions and quickly pick-up on them, i.e. fear! It is not easy to hide a fear of being bitten, but she needs to try. Now, most Parrots have a favorite treat and/or activity. That daughter gets to be the only one that provides that treat or activity. It may never be a perfect relationship, but at least the biting will reduce.

Note: Socializing is a critical part of a Parrot becoming part of your Family. Consider such games as: Pass the Birdie. A Properly socialized Parrot should go to almost everyone. Bite Pressure Training is another part of Training and must be part of your Parrots training.

Locate the Search button above in the banner and search for past Threads that include those words for more in depth discussions.
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