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Old 01-06-2017, 10:01 AM
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What Hormones And Jealousy Do

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I selected the Behavioral section to place this in as all parrots have hormonal periods. My ekkie as some here know, has been a walking hormone for a year now. She hit puberty last January and began laying eggs in February. In 2016 she laid a total of 7 eggs, thankfully no eggs so far in 2017 but she has recently had a spike in her hormone levels and she's been wreaking havoc, but I've been able to keep better control of things because of what I've learned over the last year. Ekkies can be in puberty 18 - 24 months.

On 1/2/17 DRB posted asking if "Perjo's acting jealous or upset?" in which she appears to be jealous over his relationship with his phone, lol. Well his post made me think about Venus' actions lately and she is being very protective of me. So protective that I have been putting her back in her cage with more time outs because she has started attacking the dogs, Husband and visitors. She sits with me while I'm working and stays with me but this past week she has been jumping off of me and going after the dogs, even latching onto them and holding on. Then she runs back to me and assumes the "do me" position. This morning I got her out and did our morning routine, coffee, feed dogs, dogs outside, parrot chop and she sat with me. My sister's dog is now with us since her Mommy is traveling and she has her kennel here, and Venus has taken over it. Picture below and yes my tree is still up, lol. I was shocked to see her in it, nest opportunity!

So here are things I've learned with birds hitting puberty and thought I'd share for any new parronts with very young hens.

1. I think I have the most hormonal bird ever, lol.
2. Because she's laid I've modified her chop to include more calcium rich foods to avoid calcium depletion.
3. I've learned her body language and when she's volatile, I do not touch her, I use an extra perch to make her step up on. In July she slashed my hands good.
4. Even though she's moody, you have to be consistent with your training. For example time outs (10 minute increments max at a time), saying no to unacceptable behavior, continue one on one time, training, and keep lots of toys and activities around. She will try to feed me and I say no and give her some alone time too.
5. Dark spots are off limits at all times. She wants to be nesty and I work to keep her from this but she is still very hormonal.
6. Screaming. Aye! I'm her mate per her opinion so I've deduced that her screaming is a call to me because she doesn't scream when I'm out of the house. I can be in the same room and start walking towards the exit and she screams. If I don't move, she may scream once in a blue moon. I use headphones to block out the sound sometimes.
7. PRACTICE PATIENCE!!!!!! This one can be tough. A hormonal bird is frustrated by their own body's cycle, I tell myself that when I'm frustrated so I sometimes leave the house and take a walk, get in the car to make a run, just to get some quiet time. Once I've recouped, we resume.

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Re: What Hormones And Jealousy Do

Love the pic of Venus in her kennel. You are a saint and I am sure there will be many thanks given for sharing your experience over the last year. Tree down tonight lol?

Here's hoping for an egg free 2017.

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Re: What Hormones And Jealousy Do

I wonder how many "problem" parrots have just been going through puberty. As a new parrot parent, the research I did was mainly on care and personality. It was difficult for me to find a lengthy article on one species. I had to piece together information from multiple sites. I don't recall any of them mentioning puberty or it's effects let alone a duration of 1 year or more. I adopted "older" parrots. Now I'm wondering if my 3 year old green cheek conure isn't bossy and temperamental but just hormonal. At least she's little and much easier to deal with than a bigger parrot. Thanks for the information and insight.
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