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Old 01-09-2017, 06:16 PM
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Re: African grey does not like us :(

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The way to every parrots heart is thru the belly ( just like us guys, right?).
Find her special favorite treat - its usually some kind of nut or seed. And that becomes your way in. She only gets it from you, and only as a positive re-enforcement. SO when she lets you pick her up - treat. , she lets you scratch her head - treat. Once she has associated you with good things, she will be more agreeable to train to do things like step up on command. That takes awhile for any parrot to do it 100% of the time, if ever. Be consistant, use the same words when you want her to step up, I say to Salty 'Up Up' . He does it maybe 80% of the time, some times he just dont want to! Like other folks have said, go at your parrots pace, not yours. You may take 2 steps forward, 1-1/2 steps back . ANd if there is a set back, try to figure it out from her side because its never the fault of the parrot. You invited her in, she did not choose to be there.

Greys are notorious for being sensitive to surroundings and mood. Even what you have on - I've read about some greys that will hate a certain color or different glasses or who knows what. Your the big brain there, you have to figure it out. This board and the sub forums are INDESPENSIBLE in helping there. Use the search button. Ask questions, like you have been. SHe sounds like a nice bird, waiting to assure herself that everything is safe. WHat's her name by the way??
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Old 01-09-2017, 07:05 PM
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Re: African grey does not like us :(

the oven mitts is why you have a hand problem I would think. they don't like gloves if they did then we would all use em instead of a towel when needed.don't be in a hurry you have to let her go at her own pace and that is in babysteps. I'm only a year into this game myself and it can be discourging at times but don't let it. every babystep you make will make your bonding with her much stronger and it will also give you a great feeling of satisfaction that you took it a little further.these forums are the key to the info you seek just keep asking and searching out what you need.
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