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Old 05-15-2019, 10:33 AM
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Re: Pip has gone Violent?????!!??

PIP...i kinda, sorta envy you.....when I take my birds out and people persons ask, "aren't you afraid they will fly away" I respond, well they're clipped and IT'S GETTING THEM OFF ME THAT'S THE TRICK!
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Old 05-15-2019, 10:48 AM
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Re: Pip has gone Violent?????!!??

Quote: Originally Posted by itzjbean View Post
Oh wow, how scary for your sister!

As mentioned above you definitely want to refrain from cuddling and stroking along the back, under the wings and any body part that is not the head. In fact maybe a total cuddle hiatus would be good for him.

When my cockatiel gets aggressive or bitey, that's my indication that he needs to be left alone. I'll stop petting him and let him be. Or if it's bad to the point of hopeless rebellion I'll put him back in the cage and he'll usually be very happy to come out after that period where he's had a time-out in there.

In the meantime he should have plenty of toys to shred in his cage and things to do to get this energy out that he has. What's his diet like?

Hoping it all blows over soon with these adjustments.
Thanks itzjbean! I definitely think a "total cuddle hiatus" will be good for Pip.

Pip's diet mostly consists of his Chop and pellets. He eats quinoa, cook oats, beans, greens, cinnamon, red peppers (he LOVES spicy) nuts, and coconut. He has a seed-free diet, but maybe I'm giving him/her too many Walnuts? He gets them for snacks. and he already has nuts in his chop.
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Old 05-15-2019, 06:35 PM
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Re: Pip has gone Violent?????!!??

Get rid of cuddles and dark spaces---this sounds like it could be hormonal. No tents, blankets, huts, boxes etc. Pet on the head and neck only...He's an adult now, so what was okay when he was a baby is no longer okay.
Do not allow your bird to place its head in shadowy spaces (deeply under your hair, under furniture etc).
It sounds like he perceives you as his mate and is jealous...You need to redefine your relationship and make it less sexual.
Also, warm/mushy foods can trigger hormones (especially in an already-hormonal bird).
Any behavior changes merit a visit to the vet, but if you have been snuggling etc, that is likely your culprit.

Remove any hormonal triggers, work on training etc and I am sure things will improve, but seriously, dark spaces and cuddles are a big problem for many birds...Try to provide lots of activity and wood-type chew-toys..If you see sexual/hormonal behavior, stop what you are doing at the time and redirect the behavior (e.g., LOOK-- SQUIRREL!).

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