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Old 10-17-2020, 10:43 AM
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Re: Cockatoo always biting and screaming

Quote: Originally Posted by Timary View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Welcome, can you give us a bit more background on your umbrella? How long have you had her, is she an only bird, is this behavior new or constant since you first adopted? What sort of diet?

A few random thoughts.... your bird is approaching sexual maturity, causing disruptive hormonal activity. If so, expect a few months of unwanted behavior. Most important to keep her from your shoulder/head/face. Large cockatoos can cause extreme damage requiring emergency medical assistance. If you have other birds (unsure, that's why I asked) jealousy may be an issue. In fact, this might be a reason for aggression towards your sibling. Some parrots bond closely to just one person and regard others as threats.

A few ideas without knowing entire situation.... Ensure your bird has sufficient rest. At least 10 hours, perhaps more. Avoid unwanted sexual stimulation of touching back, belly, under wings. Safe area is head only! Wing clipping is highly controversial, but may assist with preventing unwanted attacks - an absolute last step. So you have a close bond with your bird, one of trust? If not, reverting to basics may help, check out a few helpful links below:

Tips for Bonding and Building Trust
I have had her for about a month and 1 week and i don’t have any other bird besides her and she’s behaving that way ever since i adopted her she’d only bite when she’s flying towards me but would never bite me when i put her on my shoulder on my own
One of my siblings is afraid of her and would never get close to her yet she’s aggressive with her but not the rest of my siblings not sure why
I let her sleep for 12 hours and i try to give her fresh fruits and vegetables but she’s somehow picky and would only eat seeds
Apologies for late response! Six weeks is still fairly new, I'd work intensively with earning trust and bonding. I'm guessing the biting during/after flying is part of a ritual, something you want to minimize. With respect to attacking one sibling and not the other, parrots develop a strong opinion of individuals, not necessarily restricted to male/female preference.

Most cockatoos love seeds for good reason - it is much like a diet of burgers and fries. Well, not exactly but they are high protein/fat and beloved. There is some anecdotal evidence diet is related to behavior, so I'd encourage a healthier diet for many reasons. Fresh veggies/fruits are necessary, and many parrots will eat a good pellet instead of seeds. Many good ideas for transition here:Converting Parrots to a Healthier Diet - Tips

Parrots are flock eaters and you are one of the flock! Use this to advantage by making two identical bowls of veggies/fruit aka "chop." Give one to your bird, begin eating from the other. Make "mmmm" sounds, bob your head in delight. Might see amazing results!! Stuff to try: Bird Safe Fresh Foods & Toxic Food Lists + Sprouts

If you are interested in trying conversion to pellets and minimizing seeds, that is another convo!
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Old 10-18-2020, 03:15 AM
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Re: Cockatoo always biting and screaming

Just another POV, but some cockatoos are just OTT all the time. Mine's like that. She's like the offspring of Speedy Gonzales and the Tasmanian Devil, never sitting still, never quiet enough to hear me speak. Nevertheless, we have reached an understanding and she's much better than the whirlwind who first arrived at our house.

I taught her to target and the only sunflower seeds she gets are her rewards for targetting. I've found she just *loves* being taught tricks and I think she enjoys her successes every bit as much as I enjoy getting good marks in exams. It's the busyness that seems to be doing her the most good. If you leave a cocky for long periods without stimulus, it will find one way or another (usually unpleasant) to release all its pent-up energy.

Foraging toys are great, especially home-made ones that require a bit of undoing or fidgetting with to get the reward. Never underestimate the value of a good hunk of clean timber either. Cockies just adore chewing things and a nice plank of untreated wood or safe (ie. non-toxic) fresh tree limbs will keep your bird gainfully employed for ages. My Alexandrines proudly chewed through the last inch of their four-inch plank just yesterday and it's time for a new one!

I think the debate about seeds will go on and on. I live in Australia where I see thousands of wild parrots living exclusively on cereal seeds, native and introduced grass seeds and the seeds of eucalypts and other trees on a daily basis. I would no more exclude seeds from my cocky's diet than - well - fly! It would be like denying fish to a seal or ants to an anteater. At least, IMHO.

My birds get pellets as their main diet with added fruit and veg, depending on what's at hand. However, they also get a reasonably hefty daily serving of a decent seed mix as well (I painstakingly pick out the sunflower seeds and save those for rewards). I must add, it's *so* annoying not to be able to buy bulk seed and make up one's own preferred mix. When I was young, I could easily buy any kind of seed by the pound and feed a good, healthy mix to my birds. Not any more, though: every bird mix on the market today is loaded with fatty seeds like safflower and sunflower. Hnph!

My best suggestions for your bird are to keep him as close to the main living area of your house as you can. Allow him some weeks to settle in and during that time don't allow other family members to handle him. Try to work with him on your own and in a quiet room with no distractions (eg. TV, radio etc). Move slowly so as not to stimulate him into action and speak in a low, calm voice. See if you can teach him to target with a chopstick and make sure you target him into and out of his cage several times. That way, he'll learn to go home when you need him to.

Try to remember that your bird has undergone a massive change by moving to your address and it will take him a few weeks to settle in and feel comfortable. Be patient and work with him. Ask questions and listen to ideas for making toys and keeping him busy. And do post to let us know how you're both going!
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