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indian ringneck, budgie
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indian ringneck and bugie

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hey guys we just got these 2 guys maybe 2 weeks ago. the budgie is kinda silly hell step up on comand but only if hes on the floor hell acually walk ove to my hand to step up. an he will let me say touch and pet him a bit then give some millet (only lats for a couple pets) but if he is on the cage or in it no way am i getting close enogh to touch let alone getting him to step up. in the cage he will take millet from my hand but still wont let me touch or get close enough for a step up any suggestions on how to get this guy more comfortable in the cage?
the indian ringneck isnt a yeear old yet but he is very shy we let them out of there cages every day for about a hour or 2 (is this enough) the ringeck is named loo if i put my hand in the cage he runs to the back ive clipped millet to the side and he loves it but if i try to hold a peicee really still in the same place he just stares at it climbing from side to side but wont come close. he gets out of the cage on his own steam i open the door and usually sit on the couch beside him and read my daughter a story or 2. he has a tendincy to glide off the cage and i can get him to step onto my arm for a mer couple seconds twice he has climbed up to my shoulder were i can brush him gently with my head but he doesnt like it very mch and will jump off my shoulder to the closet object. im afraid that im scaring him to much and want to know of any other ways to get this feella to trust me and thn my hubby (as im the one always home im assuming he will bond with me first) the budgie and ir were in the same cage in the pet store but the budgie can fit through the bars of the ringnecks cage so hes in his own but beside the ringneck (could this stress out the parakeet too much?
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