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ladygarner 01-04-2010 10:03 AM

Need info/help from any "linnie" owners
Hello all, Have been away a bit; computer got a BAD virus over the Holidays and am currently on hubbys laptop. He would like it BACK! lol

I was in touch with a lady that wants me to paint her "linnie" and had pics sent - I was fascinated. I researched a bit and what gorgeous colors; their nature seems sweet (from what I could find out). Also, even though they are parakeets (lineolated) they have a few "parrot" behaviors. All this, of course, from research.

I am hoping to add a feathered member to our family and would like to hear from any "linnie" owners; or owned by one. :) They seem to be a lovely little bird; would just like to hear from someone that "really" has one. All info is welcomed!
Many thanks.

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