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Old 01-23-2014, 08:40 AM
budgie (Cheddar)
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Talking Price chart of medium-large parrots

I want to get a cool parrot after I get a cockatiel in my future but I dont have a lot of money I need a chart/ or the price of birds like cockatiels to macaws I hope to get a cool parrot in my future with my budgie and (maybe) future cockatiel


_____________ (future cockatiel)
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Old 01-23-2014, 08:54 AM
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Re: Price chart of medium-large parrots

This was posted not that long ago, and is still pretty valid, especially in your neck of the woods.

Quote: Originally Posted by Belgaram View Post
Here is a list of prices in my area. (NJ)

Blue Fronted Amazon$1,399.99
Blue Mutation Yellow Naped Amazon$12,999.99
Double Yellow Headed Amazon$1,399.99
Lilac Crowned Amazon$1,099.99
Mealy Amazon$1,399.99
Mexican Red Headed Amazon$999.99
Orange Winged Amazon$999.99
Red Lored Amazon$1,299.99
Yellow Lored Amazon (Rare)$999.99
Spectacled Amazon$899.99
Yellow Crowned Amazon$1,399.99
Yellow Naped Amazon$1,399.99
Yellow Shouldered Amazon$1,199.99
Hispania Amazon$1,499.99

White Bellied Caique$1,095.99
Black Headed Caique$999.99

Bare Eyed Cockatoo$1,299.99
Black Palm Cockatoo$19,999.99
Citron Cockatoo$1,799.99
Ducorps Cockatoo$1,799.99
Goffin Cockatoo$1,799.99
Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo$1,399.99
Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo$1,699.99
Great Sulphur Crested Cockatoo$4,999.99
Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo$5,999.99
Mobrella Cockatoo$1,899.99
Moluccan Cockatoo$1,999.99
Rose Breasted Cockatoo$2,199.99
Slender Billed Cockatoo$2,999.99
Triton Cockatoo$1,899.99
Umbrella Cockatoo$1,599.99

Black Capped Conure$299.99
Blue Crown Conure$649.99
Brown Throated Conure$399.99
Cherry Headed Conure$599.99
Jenday Conure$349.99
Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure$329.99
Dusky Conure$399.99
Gold Cap Conure$449.99
Green Cheek Conure$249.99
Nanday Conure$299.99
Peach Front Conure$499.99
Pineapple Green Cheek Conure$399.99
Rosen Fronz Conure$449.99
Sun Conure$399.99
Super Sun Conure$399.99
Turquoise Green Cheek Conure$399.99
Yellow Sided Conure$399.99

Female Eclectus$1,349.99
Male Eclectus$1,395.99

African Greys
Congo African Grey$1,399.99
Timneh African Grey$1,099.99

Black Lory$999.99
Blue Mountain Lory$699.99
Blue Streak Lory$699.99
Chattering Lory$999.99
Dusky Lory$699.99
Duyvenbode Lory$999.99
Green Nape Lory$599.99
Perfect Lory$699.99
Rainbow Lory$649.99
Red Lory$799.99
Swainson Lory$699.99

Goldie’s Lorikeet$549.99

Blue & Gold Macaw$1,599.99
Blue Throated Macaw$2,499.99
Buffon’s Macaw$3,499.99
Catalina Macaw$1,999.99
Green Wing Macaw$1,999.99
Hahn’s Macaw$899.99
Harlequin Macaw$1,999.99
Hyacinth Macaw$11,900.00
Illiger’s Macaw$1,899.99
Military Macaw$1,299.99
Noble Macaw$999.99
Red Fronted Macaw$1,399.99
Ruby Macaw$2,199.99
Scarlet Macaw$1,799.99
Severe Macaw$1,299.99
Shamrock Macaw$2,499.99
Yellow Collared Macaw$1,299.99

Greater Indian Hill Mynah$1,999.99
Common Mynah$699.99

Pied, Yellow, White$349.99

Blue Headed Pionus$699.99
Bronze Winged Pionus$899.99
Dusky Pionus$899.99
Maximillian Pionus$599.99
White Capped Pionus$499.99

Cape Parrot$2,999.99
Jardine’s Parrot$799.99
Meyer’s Parrot$649.99
Red Bellied Parrot$649.99
Senegal Parrot$599.99

Toco Toucan$12,000.00

Aracari Toucanette$3,299.99

Miscellaneous Parrots
Canary Winged Bee Bee$399.99
Hawk Headed Parrot$2,299.99
Port Lincoln Parrot$699.99
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Old 01-23-2014, 09:35 AM
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Re: Price chart of medium-large parrots

Rescues and older birds are more affordable than babies, if you're on a budget. Also if you get an older bird, maybe 20+ years old, you might live long enough to be with it the rest of its life. That is if you get one of the long lived species.

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Old 01-23-2014, 09:53 AM
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Re: Price chart of medium-large parrots

Don't forget to add another 1,000 (at least) for cage, accessories, toys, food, supplements, etc. Vet visits are a whole other expense. And parrots need in addition to basic food need groceries, fresh produce. Every day.
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