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Old 02-03-2020, 03:30 PM
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URGENT: Budgie lays egg at the floor of the cage!

Hello everyone,
i own a couple of budgies. Today i noticed the female sitting down on the floor of the cafe and after a while i noticed and egg!! In order to avoid crushing, i put a nest on the door of the cage and placed gently the egg inside. 2 hours have passed and the female just twice approached the nest without going inside. What should i do? Should i let the egg down to the floor? Any suggestion?

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Old 02-03-2020, 04:08 PM
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Re: URGENT: Budgie lays egg at the floor of the cage!

1. I hope by "nest" you mean nestbox (if not - first read about breeding, next breed!)
2. Were you going to breed them? Or was it "last-minute" decision seing an egg?
3. The best solution is to live the egg inside the nestbox, in my opinion babies not often hatch from the first egg (when I was breeding my budgies for the first time, their first egg literally disapeared!). I'm not suprised your female doesn't want go inside because budgies often are scared of new things. But it probably won't be the only one egg, on Wednsday should be the next one. Till this day, maybe your budgies will tamed with the nestbox
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Old 02-03-2020, 05:17 PM
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Re: URGENT: Budgie lays egg at the floor of the cage!

If you don't know how to breed birds, please take the nest bout, boil that egg and replace it. That way you stop further production of the embryo and it will not hatch and it will keep her from laying a bunch more. She may end up laying a full clutch (for budgies I believe that's 5-8?) so just be aware.

Trust me....breeding is a BIG BIG problem if you don't know what you are doing. If you think you are being cruel by throwing the eggs away, think of how cruel it would be to allow the eggs to hatch and watch them starve to death because their parents may not know what to do (as often happens with first time parents) and as an inexperienced breeder you don't know how to help them by pulling to hand feed, keep in a brooder, wean, etc. Lots of equipment, tools and supplies are necessary for this.

Do research and take the eggs away. They should only be given a nest when they are properly mature, vet checked, on a healthy diet (including calcium). If you don't have your hen on some calcium, get her a cuttlebone.

Discourage breeding if you don't know how to raise chicks, as they may need your help down the road should parents abandon, neglect or mutilate them (trust me, as a breeder myself I've seen it all).
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