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bryancdem 02-22-2020 10:43 PM

Need Help on hanging Bird Cage
Hello everyone - need some advice - I am moving soon, and we want to now get the birdcage out of the bedroom and in the more open space when we move. We are thinking of hanging the birdcage from ceiling - which with right anchors seems feasible. Right now, they are in a fairly large standing cage, one big reason they are in the bedroom with door closed is we also have two cats. The birds were something the little one wanted (obviously we take care of them with his help) - originally, the cats would explore and maybe jump on cage - the birds actually just looked at them and they do get along in that sense - but we moved them to the second bedroom to have the door closed to avoid any conflict - so now we are moving and want to get them in the common area and have them have more scenery where we can interact more - issue is I am searching and searching for the perfect light weight type hanging bird cage to do this with, without tearing the new apartment ceiling up if you know what I mean - any suggestions on a good lightweight and safe brand I can hang and anchor without worrying the weight and movement will come crashing on my head? Thanks again

bill_e 02-23-2020 12:18 AM

Re: Need Help on hanging Bird Cage
Welcome to the forum Brian. What kind/size of birds are we talking about?

noodles123 02-23-2020 08:37 AM

Re: Need Help on hanging Bird Cage
You might be able to set up tracks along the ceiling (like on a joist) and then hang it from that, but it's going to depend on a lot of factors (where the support beams are located, what type of ceiling and the weight of the cage). The more details, the better.

SailBoat 02-23-2020 09:04 AM

Re: Need Help on hanging Bird Cage
Not really a great idea...
- Most all apartment owners really do not want their tenants to hang things from the ceilings as ceiling patches are very difficult to cover /hide when the tenant moves on. You will loss all of your security deposit if they have to skim the ceiling and repaint it all.
- Swinging cages are the result of walking into it... Parrots get upset when that happens.
- Cleaning and servicing of a suspended cage is far more difficult.
- Setting the cage at a reasonable level increases the 'swing' of the cage.
- The area under the cage is still a dead spot as stuff falls from on high.

bill_e 02-23-2020 09:16 AM

Re: Need Help on hanging Bird Cage
And actually if I had cats which were climbing on cages I would re-home either the birds or the cats. Seems like a high likelihood accident waiting to happen.

Jasmine333 02-23-2020 02:51 PM

Re: Need Help on hanging Bird Cage
It would be one thing if you were buying a home and would be the owner, but since it's an apartment and you are a renter I'm not sure I'd recommend hanging stuff from a ceiling. Have you checked with the landlord and gotten their ok? In an apartment policy there is a host of things you can and can't do, and they can hold you financially responsible if the cage did damage.

Ijistcantsayno 02-23-2020 04:21 PM

Re: Need Help on hanging Bird Cage
To be absolutely honest, in my own personal opinion, cats and birds DO NOT belong in a shared space. We have 3 cats, 4 budgies, 2 leopard geckos, 10 hermit crabs, and a brand new cockatiel as of yesterday. We have the birds in rooms the cats cannot access for the birds safety. We have safety protocols in place so there is as close to 0% chance as humanly possible that the cats can get into those rooms. To the point that when the cages are open the cats are IN THE BASEMENT. Every time. Even if itís just to change soiled water. Cat scratch fever is a thing and itís DEADLY to birds, not including the possible blood loss from a single scratch (budgies donít have much blood to lose due to such a small body size) plus the added stress of living with predators in the same space. Litter boxes are also a potential hazard because they harbor bacteria that birds should not be exposed to.

With enough motivation, unless your cats are declawed, cats have the ability to climb walls. Literally. I know this because I have 1 cat that likes to climb the walls, jump down and do it again. I have cathedral ceilings in the living room and Oreo will climb to the top, jump down and do it again, and again, and again. My ceilings are 16 feet tall in the living room. Oreo climbs TO THE TOP.

So your talking about a pretty good sized renovation to even possibly make it safe for the birds. Itís not impossible, but itís not something the average landlord is going to be okay with.

If your purchasing the apartment then thatís a different story, but still a large undertaking, and something that could effect the sale value when you do eventually decide to sell.

Itís easier, more cost effective, and safer to keep them separated.

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