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Old 01-08-2019, 09:19 PM
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Re: My caique

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Everyones pretty much covered everything important, but I def wanna say me and my beu Drew were pretty much where you are in october! we'd just adopted a 4 month old caique named Sgt. Nanners, a bird we didn't think we'd get until we were much older. we'd done research, and i'd worked with birds for years before. but as with most things research and experience are vastly different. (ie. i'd been researching german shepherds for 10 years before getting one and it was STILL an adventure full of surprises, difficulties, and rewareds!)

a lot of people describe caiques as clowns but i feel like its a little misleading, even though they are hilarious. honestly i describe them as Furbies running Cat software on a Dog hard drive. Like dogs they need training and a schedule, like cats...everything lol (sometimes grumpy, sometimes wanna be left alone, sometimes are super clingy and needy), and like furbies they will yammer on whether you want them to or not lol. having a bird is like caring for a child - certain diet, annual checkups, very expensive, and they require enrichment - toys and interaction.

initially you're both going to be adapting to each other, and imo the first like few weeks are where you're feeling everything out. but things do get better once you guys get a feel for each other! as for my own advice, definitely get a schedule going - when your birb is fed, goes to bed, played with etc - since schedules can help take a lot of the unpredictability out of everyday life which is very comforting.

the screaming might change, but as birds they'll always scream lol. ours used to scream all the time but we started teaching him new weird sounds and playing music for him. now he makes a lot of different noises and only really screams when he's bored, cranky, or wants something like food/attention. it's a lot easier now that we know him better to tell what he wants when he's screaming.

as for the poop thing, we had the same issue and it can be hard at first. we figured he poops every few minutes, so we'd bring him to his cage or somewhere we can clean poop easy and wait til he goes. we started attaching the word "boom" every time he pooped where we wanted and would give him a grape or high-value treat like a seed as a reward. we developed a morning poop ritual too lol. you can google potty training birds/caiques and find some cool info.

we got our boy in october and he was somewhat aloof and distant and so easily scared! in just 3 short months he's become our silly dink who can sometimes be a total jerk but he's our jerk and we love him! he's gotten so much more playful as he's gotten to know us and while he's not the "cuddly" type he is very happy to sit on shoulders and preen or just hang out.

caiques are super curious, high energy, and very beaky. they use their beaks for a lot of stuff and sometimes even when being playful they can bite pretty hard. you can redirect them to toys to help lessen this and teach them biting hurts people. we sometimes do time-out if Nanners is getting too rough (go in your cage and chew your toys son). he's still very bitey, but that's part of the breed. they can be very challenging and headstrong, stubborn and clever - Nanners learned that if he tips his water bowl, Drew will open the cage and he can sneak out...his water bowl gets tipped a lot lol. its kind of like a little adventure we're all having.

all in all, its easy to be intimidated by something new. it can be easy to look at everything like if things are difficult or not going 100% right that something is wrong. but its just a transition point. its a learning experience.

definitely though, you should familiarize yourself with molting and hormonal periods. i hate being a downer, but you do have a baby bird. ours is going through his molt so sometimes he's a bit more cranky than usual. we haven't gone through it yet, but hormonal periods can be especially challenging with birds. some go through with a breeze, but some not so much so definitely familiarize and prepare yourself for that!

someone above mentioned possibly getting a second bird as a friend? definitely read up on that, as caiques can be very bird aggressive. not all of them, but its not always good to look at exceptions when dealing with a new pet.

this is a great forum though! so definitely feel free to ask questions and all these cool people will be happy to share all the info they've gathered over the years of birb partnership!

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