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Old 04-28-2020, 05:44 AM
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Re: HELP! My buddy hates me!

I do feel sorry for you. I bought another green thigh caique they have their separate cages but I do let them out every day together the new one can't fly very well and my little boy with bite her when he gets a mood on him. they will both sit on my lap no problem and play, it's when I am not there to supervise. I have a big aviary for them and they will squabble in that so now I have separated that.
getting back to your bird have you tried moving his cage into another room, a room that he has not been into and start your training from there. the reason I say this is when I put the birds in the kitchen they don't squabble it's a place that neither had been into, I have even caught them cuddled up together. it's worth a try. good luck.
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Old 06-30-2020, 07:14 AM
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Re: HELP! My buddy hates me!

UPDATE: We've seen the vet, he got blood work taken that came back all healthy and normal. No need for wing or beak trim. He did cut his nails. The doctor is pointing to all hormones, that Skittles is only into one thing and that's nesting for babies. That is why he isn't playing anymore and becoming aggressive. So the therapy...first is Lupron shots which I had myself once, they after a few rounds should knock back the hormones for a time. While that is happening we are going to do cage shock therapy and birdie time out. I'm going to redo his cage with no hut or house, nothing to make him thing it's his nest spot. We will move all perches and we will keep his food we are doing but put all that food into new foraging toys only and only put pellets into the easy to get bowl.

From there anytime we take him out he has to have a purpose, a trick, bath, something to do, sing, dance etc. No just sitting and perching on chair behind my daughter, that allows for too much mate bonding right now.

No cuddles, no back pets nothing from her.

Then if he's bad, we will clean a very old cage i have in the basement, smaller more fit for a conure that will be placed in my bedroom away from everyone for birdy time out. If he's bad or crazy he gets a time out away from family and our noises.

We got the shot down, next shot is in another week. Today we redo his cage and food and then go from there.
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Old 06-30-2020, 09:47 AM
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Re: HELP! My buddy hates me!

EDIT- I JUST saw your message above! Ignore the parts in this that no longer reply--I wrote it based on your original post! Whoops!

Okay- so lots going on here....You mentioned that your bird used to try to make babies on your leg. It sounds like you may have led him on inadvertently (through a combination of behavioral and environmental factors). When this happens, it is not uncommon for a sexually frustrated bird to eventually lash out at the object of their affection (especially since this behavior occurs most in the presence of others)...That is why it is SO important to frame your relationship as a non-sexual one....


1. NEVER pet anywhere other than the head or neck (even if the bird lets you).
2. Do not allow access to any shadowy spaces (snuggle huts, tents, boxes, under clothing, under furniture, in drawers, low shelves, in cushions on a couch, under blankets etc).
3. 10-12 hours of quality sleep nightly on a set schedule.
4. Only ever cover the cage when the bird is in bed--never before and never during the day.
5. Interactions should revolve around more than just petting/touching..think games/training etc.

So, your bird likely lashed out because of sexual frustration and hormones + probable jealousy or mate-defending (first your daughter, then the new bird, and now the baby)---Those were all likely perceived as "threats" to your, he was sexually frustrated and you never reciprocated in the way he wanted *cough* there was a lot going on in terms of hormones (which intensify behavior) and instinct...

Remember, when he first bit you, you tried to take him to YOUR DAUGHTER....that is not likely a coincidence...He likely didn't want to be with her, OR didn't want YOU to be near her, so he bit you because of your proximity to her...and because he was under the influence of strong hormones.

I could be wrong, but no matter what, he had a reason for biting you and there were likely cues (even though you didn't see them)..All of this likely ties back to those hormones, your complicated "mate" relationship and jealously over other "threats" to your relationship...

SO, in his mind, you weren't getting the hint about something important, so he bit you. When he bit you, it destroyed some more trust on both ends (because it happened more than once and you were not reading his signals, but also because of the way you had to remove him, and likely, your reaction in general). That sounds accusatory and it isn't meant to be-- it is easy to make that mistake, but I am just telling you what I think happened. They don't LIKE biting people (it is a sign that they are stressed/fearful/mad etc and there are always a lot of cues leading up to it--even if we miss them).

This is likely about your relationship, hormones and jealously and all sorts of things that sprung from the confused relationship you had when things *SEEMED* to be going well....

I am going to post some stuff about ABA--- Applied Behavior Analysis. It is wordy and boring but it works when you re-frame the way you see can make a huge difference, but everyone has to be on-board....

Final thought BEFORE I post any of that:
1. If he has ANY even remotely shadowy spaces in his cage, removed them!
2. make sure he is getting AT LEAST 10 SOLID hours of sleep a night (12 is better)
3. Look into his diet (he should be eating very few seeds, lots of veggies and quality pellets)...Avoid excess sugar and preservatives.
4. If he hasn't been to the vet, you should have him checked-- anytime there is a massive change in behavior, that is important...I am pretty certain this is hormonal/behavioral, but they need to go to the vet at least 1x yearly, and if at all possible, it should be an avian certified vet (not just an exotics vet, unless you are certain that there are no other options).

I will post the ABA stuff in a different message.

Last edited by noodles123; 06-30-2020 at 10:37 AM.
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