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Re: //URGENT//I witnessed my cockatiels mating

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Quote: Originally Posted by itzjbean View Post
With springtime here the instinct rises, even in immature birds, to have offspring and reproduce.

You are wise to separate them for now. Mating like that may fertilize an egg, birds don't really get pregnant as they lay eggs, but the egg she may or may not lay could potentially be fertile, though with their young ages if there is an egg it will likely be a dud and not fertilized. Any eggs laid by your hen can be shaken up to destroy the possible fertilized yolk inside and sat back into her cage until she loses interest. Then you can toss the egg into the garbage. Limit their contact during these months to keep them from breeding.

I have a mated pair of tiels and the breeding season is upon us, too -- I witnessed them mating on Saturday. They will breed whether or not I put a nest box in, but won't lay eggs unless there is a nest box. I am prepared for a clutch this spring so they do have a nest box in the cage with them. But they are an established breeding pair and are mature (6-7 years old) and have produced chicks for me before. I am also an experienced hand-feeder and prepared to raise chicks should they need my assistance.
I am experienced in hand feeding Iíve just never personally gone through the breeding process and I donít know very much about it.
I hand fed and weaned 6 conures at once last spring and they all grew to be very strong and loving little guys <3
The reason that Iíve never gone through the breeding process is because hey weíre given to me. My friend(at the time) had two suns that were assumed to be both males. She was no where near prepared to raise chicks and she didnít want the parents raising them because she wanted to make sure that when the time came, they were able to have loving homes(people typically seem to get hand fed babies, for many reasons as Iím sure you know.)
Anyways, since she didnít have the time, money, or knowledge on hand feeding, I ended up taking them.
I would be 100% prepared to hand feed if that time did come, however, I hope and pray it doesnít until they are old and mature enough.
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