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Shxnn_nn 09-04-2018 03:37 PM

What gender are my Cockatiels?
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I have had these guys for about 5 years now. They’re get along well. I got the two end ones together and a few months later I got the middle one. They have laid eggs and I don’t know which one laid them. At the end of the day they’re all on the eggs. None have mated because the eggs aren’t fertile. :yellow1:
Left to right (Sam, Roo, and Pigeon<but in French accent)

ParrotLover2001 09-04-2018 03:40 PM

Re: What gender are my Cockatiels?
The two on the ends are both female. The middle one is a pied mutation so it is hard to tell.

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LaManuka 09-04-2018 03:44 PM

Re: What gender are my Cockatiels?
Generally mature female cockatiels have a stippling effect in the colour of their tails, particularly on the underside of the tail feathers, whereas a male's tail is a solid colour. Juvenile males however can exhibit the stippling on tail feathers until they get their adult plumage so bear that in mind if buying a baby!

MonicaMc 09-23-2018 12:56 AM

Re: What gender are my Cockatiels?
I'd say that they are all females!

The middle one being pied does make it more difficult, but I also see pearl feathers... meaning she's pearl pied. You have a higher chance of having visual pearl females than you do males. Add in the fact that the pearls are still there, even higher chance of female! Males molt out their pearls. Now, pied does, once again, "mess" with dimorphism, so the middle one could *still* be a male.

I'd say though that it's a good chance they are all girls!

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